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Harmony College August 7-9 Worcester State College Something For Everyone!

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  • Michael
    The NortheasternDistrict of The Barbershop HarmonySociety is hosting a HarmonyCollege Weekend
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 20, 2009
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      The NortheasternDistrict  of The Barbershop HarmonySociety  is hosting a HarmonyCollege Weekend  and would like to inviteall area A Cappella singers or groups, or those that would like tosing, to come join us for song filled weekend.  Thereis something being offered for everly skill level. 

      There are 3 major schools being held at Harmony College . 

      This is designed for High School Boys and Girls.  Theboys program is a 3 day event, and the girls program is a 1 day event. All participants will be performing in the Saturdayevening show for a full house.  

      The boys will be coached by 4 Way Stop, 2009 5th Place International Collegiate Medalists and ranked 32nd Internationally inthe Men's Contest! 

      The songs that they will sing are:

      • Home on theRange
      • Viva L'Amore
      • Flanders Fields
      • Drivin' MeCrazy
      • Come FlyWith Me
      • AnythingYou Can Do (8-parts with girls Chorus) 

      The Girls will be coached by Showcase ,Harmony, Inc. International's Silver Medalists.
      The Director for the Girl's  choruswill be Debbie Bosari.

      The songs that they will sing are:

      • Loco-Motion
      • 59th Street BridgeSong (Feelin' Groovy)
      • AnythingYou Can Do

      The Music Educators and Music Ed Students willreceive a different set of classes, which includes vocal education inthe classroom, and using a cappella programs to grow participation. This group will be facilitated by DrBill Adams  (diverse and extensive careerin music as an educator, conductor, performer, composer and scholar)and JamesEstes  (BHS Music Specialist - StudentActivities Coordinator)

      The Boys chorus will also be directed by Dr. Billand James. 


       The second program isdesigned for adult singers (individuals or groups) looking toimprove their performance skills.  Everylevel of singer will be challenged and grow in these courses. 


      Faculty includes:

      • GeneCokecroft - Tenor of the legendary Suntones ,past International BHS champions
      • ChrisVaughn - Lead of Gotcha! ,past BHS International champions
      • AlanGordon - Baritone of Gotcha! ,pastBHS International champions
      • Dr.Jim Kline - Bass of Gotcha! ,pastBHS International champions
      • John Ward - Lead of Bigtime !  2009 45th Place International Quartet, certified Singing Judge
      • FernSicilia - Tenor of Bigtime ! 2009 45th Place International Quartet, high school music teacher/choral director,accomplished instrumentalist.
      • ChrisArnold - Bass of Bigtime!  2009 45th Place International Quartet, Certified Music judge. Has the uncanny abilityto be able to sing all four parts with quality and unerring accuracy
      • JoeHunter - Baritone of Bigtime! 2009 45th Place International Quartet, Presentation judge, Category Specialist,Certified chorus director trainer, Musical Director of the Big AppleChorus
      • Steve Delehanty - Arranger, Certified BHS MusicJudge
      • EricRuthenberg - Music and Vocal Educator, Past District Quartet Champion,Director of the Concord Coachmen 
      • JenniferWheaton - Senior Linguistics Major, Lead – Ringtones! ,Singing Judge Applicant, Harmony,Inc
      • KathyGreason - Music Judge, Harmony Inc
      • DavidPatterson Sound Judge Emeritus, Former Director of The Sounds of Concord  ,and TheGranite Statesmen 
      • StevePlumb- Presentation Judge and 51-year Society Member
      • Karen Rourke  -Bass, Boston Accent   (Past Harmony,IncInternational Champions, 3rd Place Boston Harmony Sweeps) and Director, Lowell Gentlemen Songsters 
      • Bill Degan - PhysicsTeacher, Church Choir Director and Organist, Chorus and Quartet man
      • GayeLacasce - HoneymoonersQuartet 
      • JeanneSwanson  - Bass,Synchronicity ,2004 Harmony Inc. Queens ; Chairman of JudgesApplicant
      • DianeCoates - Presentation Judge, Harmony, Inc.
      • SteveIsherwood - NED DVP Financial Development, Narragansett Bay Chorus 

      This isdesigned for the Musical leaders of singing ensembles that are lookingto improve their skills to get more out of their ensemble.There are also classes for those that are looking to explore if theyhave they ability, even though they might not currently hold atitle. 

      The Director's College staff will include:

      Wow...must be expensive, right?  Notat all.  
      Choose from 2 packageto get the one best for you. 

      THE WORKS - Full Tuition
      FRIDAY: Dinner, 1 Hour Class, Lodging
      SATURDAY: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, 6 Hours of Classes, Show,Afterglow, Lodging
      $159 dbl / $199 single

       COMMUTER- Classes, No Lodging
      FRIDAY: 1 Hour Class
      SATURDAY: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, 6 Hours of Classes, Show, Afterglow


      If your time or a previous commitment does not allow you to take anyclasses, you should still treat yourself to the Saturday Night show. The students tend to be the most endearing to watch, butthe talent level from the faculty will be incredible. It isnot often that one is able to see this many International levelperformers on one stage for such a low price.

      If you want to attend the Show and Afterglow only,tickets are just $15 ! 

      Follow theinstructions found on the form located at this link: 

      We hope to see you there! 

      Since there are bound to be questions, please feelfree to contact:
      Jim Coates
      978-571-2110 (home/home office) 508-361-5195 (cell)

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