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Hyannis Sound Auditions!

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  • slalomman03
    Greetings Fellow Singers! My name is Dave Snell, I sing bass for the Hyannis Sound, a professional all-male a cappella group based in Hyannis on Cape Cod. If
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 18, 2008
      Greetings Fellow Singers!

      My name is Dave Snell, I sing bass for the Hyannis Sound, a
      professional all-male a cappella group based in Hyannis on Cape Cod.
      If you're musically talented (or even if your Mom is the only one who
      thinks so) we would love to have you come audition for us! We're
      looking to fill at least a couple slots though we're not sure exactly
      how many guys are returning yet. We are losing a minimum of a
      bass/bari and a T1/T2, so all voice parts are encouraged to audition!
      Auditions this year will be held Friday, March 20th and Saturday
      March 21st with call-backs on Sunday March 22nd. We don't know
      exactly where yet (somewhere in Boston), but those who reply with
      interest will be kept informed. You can also check our website
      www.hyannissound.com Normally this post doesn't occur for several
      more months, but we hope, the earlier we get it out with a definite
      date in mind, the better the chances are of you not being busy.

      If you're interested, here is a little background. The group
      started in 1994 by Townsend Belisle, a Skidmore alumnus, who found 10
      guys via audition from all over New England to live in the same house
      for 3 months and sing for a living. Every summer since then the group
      consists of whoever can come back from the previous summer along with
      the new guys we have selected to keep the group's current membership
      at 10. The 10 of us move into the same house in Hyannis,
      Massachusetts on sunny Cape Cod around Memorial Day and over the
      course of 3 months perform over 90 shows all over the Cape and beyond
      until we must part ways a little before Labor Day only to cry
      ourselves to sleep for the next 9 months until we can do it again.
      The pay is comparable to a typical summer job, but the "work" is
      unlike anything you've ever experienced, I promise! During the first
      2 weeks we practice 6+ hours a day in our living room to perfect a
      repertoire upwards of 25 songs and then aim to double that by the end
      of the summer. Arrangements come primarily from within the group but
      also from alumni. When we're not at the beach, playing golf, or
      ultimate Frisbee, or mini golf, or any number of other leisurely
      delights, we're performing at private gigs ranging from elementary,
      middle and high schools to garden parties, graduation parties,
      weddings, etc. About the second week of June we start our 10 week
      summer concert series of weekly shows which involve us singing at set
      locations every week; Mondays are in Falmouth, Tuesdays are in
      Chatham, Thursdays are in Brewster and Fridays are the "home game" in

      I know I speak for everyone in the group when I say these have
      been the best summers of my life. We have so many unique
      opportunities and exhilarating experiences. Our level of
      professionalism, our work ethic, our high energy, and high
      entertainment value to all ages is rivaled only by our uncanny ability
      to have more fun than we know what to do with! OK...we know exactly
      what to do with it, but we would love for you to come experience this
      with us!

      We're a constantly new and evolving group, always eager to
      assimilate the knowledge and expertise of new musical talent with the
      hope of blazing new paths to make each and every summer a little more
      interesting and that much more unique. If this sounds like something
      you might be interested in, please e-mail me with your name, your
      school, and your a cappella group (if you're in one), and your phone
      number and I'll add you to the list and keep you updated on any
      information you might need to know! We hope to see you in March!

      Dave Snell HS '07-??
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