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Baritones Wanted!

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  • Kurt Boutin
    The *Granite Statesmen,* an internationally-acclaimed mens a cappella chorus based in Nashua, NH plans to audition new baritones to add to the group. Men with
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 10, 2008

      The Granite Statesmen, an internationally-acclaimed mens a cappella chorus based in Nashua, NH plans to audition new baritones to add to the group.   Men with previous singing experience with a vocal range that includes at least from D (below middle C) to E (above middle C) are encouraged to apply.  We prefer those with:

          • previous a cappella singing experience (although not required)
          • ability to read music (although not required)
          • experience singing in a vocal ensemble

      Auditions will include:

          • A vocal assessment to determine voice range
          • Interval and pitch testing
          • Harmonizing by ear
          • Testing your ability to sing your part against three other voice parts.

      We have the capability and experience to train new singers, and we provide extensive learning materials (including professionally-created voice-predominant part recordings for each vocal part).  Applicants are encouraged to join the Statesmen during their regular rehearsal; auditions will take place immediately afterwards. 

      Rehearsal details:

      Wednesday evenings from 7:30 PM – 10:30 PM

      Nashua Senior Center, 70 Temple Street, Nashua, NH. 

      For more information:

      Contact auditions@... or call 603-886-SING or visit www.granitestatesmen.org  

      About the Granite Statesmen:

      For over 50 years, the Granite Statesmen have consistently performed four-part, men's a cappella music throughout New England.  During the last decade, the group has grown both musically and numerically, and now sports a membership of over 100 men with a performing chorus of approximately 60.  Internationally-ranked among the top 25 of similar men's choruses throughout the world, the group competes several times annually.  In addition to several local shows each year, the group makes guest appearances throughout New England.  Some recent appearances include a performance at Meadowbrook, another at the Newmarket Arts Festival, and a joint performance with the Nashua Symphony Orchestra, where the group headlined the NSO's opening-night performance.


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