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A Cappella Recording Studio

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  • Erin Paul
    Hello! I think I may have sent this through the group already, but if that didn t work could you please send this? Thanks.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 17, 2007
      Hello! I think I may have sent this through the group
      already, but if that didn't work could you please send
      this? Thanks.


      Tapeworks is a recording studio in the South End of
      Hartford, CT that’s becoming the premier source for a
      cappella recording in the Northeast! Our experienced
      staff understands the subtle nuances of vocal groups,
      and how to capture the essence of every performance
      through state of the art studio techniques. We’ve
      already had the privilege of working with talented
      groups like:

      Trinitones (Trinity College)
      L’Shir (University of Hartford)
      A Minor (UConn)
      The Schwiffs (Conn College)
      Beginning next week: Stuck in the Middle (Middlebury
      College, VT)

      Our main a cappella engineer, Stefano Bonzi, is a
      Hartt School graduate, who double majored in vocal
      performance and engineering. His performance practice
      gives him an advantage while recording groups; he’s
      been on the other side of the microphone! We're
      looking for talented groups to come down to our studio
      and let us show our stuff.

      Our current offer is one song completely recorded and
      produced, free of cost to you! You just have to get
      your group to us, and we'll take care of the rest.
      Conscious of the classic style, we can simply document
      your live performance or work with your project to
      create a new, modern sound; it's all up to you.
      Whether you are committed to classic recording or want
      to experiment with post-production technique, the
      finished product will be as produced or organic as you

      Let us show you what it’s like to record in an a
      cappella-friendly studio.

      Email erin@... or call 860.522.5997

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