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Boston area auditions this weekend

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  • Amy Malkoff
    Last chance to submit materials for this weekend s auditions (March 2-4). If you are interested, please submit ASAP. Please note that junked-up myspace pages
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2007
      Last chance to submit materials for this weekend's auditions (March
      2-4). If you are interested, please submit ASAP. Please note that
      junked-up myspace pages without a clear bio will not suffice.

      Nationally-known pop-funk vocal band All About Buford seeks one or two
      powerful singers. We need pro-level singers with stage presence and
      power, any voice part. Someone with a strong solo voice who can
      groove. All performances are PAID.

      Great ear required. Songwriting and arranging skills a plus; ability
      to play other instruments also welcomed. Willingness to work with some
      pedal effects. Songs are arranged collectively - you will often not be
      reading from written arrangements (think band structure). All members
      get a chance to sing lead, but also will be required to sing blended
      but creative backup parts. The music is pop-oriented, with a little of
      whatever else moves us, so you must have a pop voice and sensibility,
      and a hip look - we aspire to present a good visual onstage as well as
      good music! Must be able to make a commitment to some touring, and
      consistent gigging. Competent mic technique and comfortable
      performance skills (movement, ability to banter and joke) required.

      We perform at listening rooms, festivals and concert halls of
      prestige. We have strong relationships with many high-end venues, with
      new performances being booked all the time. Booking is done both
      internally and externally, but all management and business is
      currently done internally by the members of the band. New recording in
      the works.

      We are a vocal band based in the Boston area, but we are a commuting
      band, so disparate locations are ok. Rehearsals approximately once a
      week (when geographically together), perhaps more during the initial

      Please contact via e-mail (amalkoff@...)with all of the
      following: sound clips, photo and bio/resume. We look forward to
      hearing from you and to a creative, fun, and innovative project!
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