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Faith in Action CD is here!

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  • Metzger, Sharon
    Hi folks - Faith in Action Live, our 10-year celebration CD* is here! We re very happy with the result...we pulled in some former members to fill out the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2006

      Hi folks –


      “Faith in Action Live,” our 10-year celebration CD* is here!  We’re very happy with the result…we pulled in some former members to fill out the parts. Songs include traditional spirituals (including “Down to the River to Pray” from “O Brother Where Art Thou”), original tunes (jazzy gospel), and the Sweet Honey in the Rock cover we started with 10 years ago, “We Are.”  I was wondering if I’d actually like listening to it myself, since I’m so familiar with the tunes and voices, but I gotta say…this is good stuff!  My 4-year-old already has his favorite track.


      We’re in the process of setting up online ordering (and audio samples), but in the meantime, you can order CDs directly from us at the preorder rate (until Dec 4, 2006) -- $12 for one, $11 each for more than one (2 for $22, 3 for $33, etc).  


      Check a few names off your holiday shopping list – to get the early sale rate, send a check payable to "Faith in Action" to me:


      Sharon Metzger

      67 Seminole Rd

      Acton, MA 01720


      Don't forget your shipping address – and please make it legible!  I'd also appreciate a reply to this email with the number of CDs you want and the shipping address, but don't forget to put the check in the mail :-)  As of next week, it’ll be $15, and with online ordering, you pay S&H.


      Thanks for your support!


      Sharon Metzger

      Faith in Action





      * That sounds better than “it took us 10 years to pull this off,” doesn’t it?


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