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796All About Buford big solo, Patty Larkin, + site updates!

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  • Amy Malkoff
    Mar 1, 2005
      THE SHOWS…

      Saturday, March 5
      Cornerstone Coffeehouse - http://www.gis.net/%7Eswartz/cornerstone
      Second Congregational Church of Winchester
      485 Washington St.
      Winchester, MA
      $12/adults, $10/students

      Sunday, March 20
      Acoustic Cafe - http://www.acousticafe.com
      2926 Fairfield Ave.
      Bridgeport, CT
      opening for the amazing Patty Larkin! - http://www.pattylarkin.com

      THE NEWS…
      We have a big solo show this weekend just 8 miles from Boston. We'll
      be able to pull out all the stuff we don't often get to do,
      including some instrumental tunes. Note that this show was
      rescheduled from October.

      We have sold the very last of our "Supercar" CDs, so there are none
      left. If, at some point, there seems to be demand for it, we might
      re-press it or burn some, but for now, we got none! Therefore, all
      sales info has been removed from our website.

      We still have DVDs, though, and we start recording our new CD soon!
      It will be engineered by Dan Cantor of Jim's Big Ego, and produced
      by Michael Bilotta. Michael also directed our video, and is
      available for video production for all projects big and small, from
      weddings to…music videos like ours. Contact him at
      m.bilotta@... for more info. He gets the big AAB Stamp of
      Approval! And that's enough pimpin' for today!

      The website has been updated with new photos, sound clips (live from
      the VT A Cappella Summit + a really cool ME Public Radio spot), and
      an updated press kit.

      ALL ABOUT BUFORD - http://www.allaboutbuford.com
      amy malkoff
      taunia soderquist
      ben jackson
      shah salmi
      + wes carroll