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Re: [borderpoint] Croatia border and joining the EU

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  • Barry Arnold
    Look forward to seeing them - any tripoints? Barry Sent from Windows Mail From: Dallen Timothy Sent: ‎Thursday‎, ‎4‎ ‎July‎ ‎2013 ‎19‎:‎55
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      Look forward to seeing them - any tripoints?
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      From: Dallen Timothy
      Sent: ‎Thursday‎, ‎4‎ ‎July‎ ‎2013 ‎19‎:‎55
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      Hi Diego

      Yes you may use it. I just finished an all-Balkans tour with a couple of colleagues: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, and Serbia. What a trip! I’m exhausted. Took lots of border pictures but don’t know when I’ll have time to post them all. Interesting places.

      Happy Independence Day to those of you in the USA.




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      Hello, Dallen.

      Nice pic. Another member of the family. I'm not an euroeskeptic, but I wonder if the UE could be a better thing than it is.

      May I share it on the networks (I Mean Twitter and my blog page on Facebook)?



      2013/6/28 Dallen Timothy <Dallen.Timothy@...>


      [Attachment(s) from Dallen Timothy included below]

      Hi Folks

      I’ve crossed in and out of Croatia several times this week at various places. At each location, Croatia has put up the blue EU signs with the circle of stars in preparation for its July 01 entrance into the EU. The signs are covered until midnight, July 01. It must be terribly exciting for the border people in Croatia to await the unveiling of the sign. See attached photo from two days ago.








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