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Appendages Landward of the Seashore

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  • george
    ... Len, you are correct that I have been in the process of modifying my definition. However, on this topic, see Lowell s response immediately below. ...
    Message 1 of 39 , May 1, 2011

      --- In borderpoint@yahoogroups.com, Len Nadybal <lnadybal@...> wrote:
      > Well, George has been modifying his definition since the tart of this
      > thread, so I thought.... You know, a break in the border is a break
      > in the border.
      > Len


      Len, you are correct that I have been in the process of modifying my definition.

      However, on this topic, see Lowell's response immediately below.


      > Lowell G. McManus wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > I don't think anything inland counts under George's BonusBorder
      > > rules. If you were to count inland appendages, you'd have to
      > > add Vermont's 12-mile Alburg Tongue and 300-foot Province Point,
      > > both extending into Lake Champlain.
      > >
      > > Such inland appendages certainly don't interrupt any Canadian seashore
      > > or the CAUS boundary, although they are distinct dry segments of CAUS.
      > >
      > > Lowell G. McManus
      > > Eagle Pass, Texas, USA
      > >
      > >

      Lowell has it exactly right.

      International borders do run across everything landward of the Seashore: deserts, mountains, right through buildings. across rivers and lakes, and every conceivable thing natural or human-made.

      Maybe that would be a project for you, Len. Devising a categorization of which of these types of things count, and which do not, and let me know if the small triangle of land bounded by the Pacific Ocean, the MXUS border, and the Tijuana River counts (is it a "break in the border"?)


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      > > Then what about those two other little Pt. Roberts-like appendages in
      > > Minnesota? They break up the Canada stretch even more.
      > > Len
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    • Lowell G. McManus
      Actually, I was in 50 counties in three days. Only 37 of them were new (for me). The other 13 more were some on the way, in which I d already been.
      Message 39 of 39 , May 7, 2011
        Actually, I was in 50 counties in three days.  Only 37 of them were "new" (for me).  The other 13 more were some on the way, in which I'd already been.
        Technically, being within a county's boundaries constitutes a visit.  However, to make it more interesting, I planned my route using only highways in the state-maintained system (which includes Interstate and US routes).  I didn't use county or other local roads, and I didn't cross any county lines, turn around, and come back out where I went in.  I didn't always cross the middle of the county or visit the county seat, but I traveled across some portion of the county territory and exited at a place other than were I entered.  This was sometimes done without stopping, but sometimes not.  If I did hit the county seat, and if the courthouse was of any architectural style other than New Deal moderne or mid-century German worker housing, I'd usually stop and take a quick walk-through.
        It was a trip without a destination--a trip for the sake of the trip.  As such, it was one of the most enjoyable and satisfying that I've ever made.  The beauty of the vast agricultural landscape in late spring was awesome!
        If current plans materialize, I will have completed Texas after picking up twelve more new counties on the there and back legs of a trip to Kansas City in June and ten on a trip to El Paso later in the year.
        Lowell G. McManus
        Eagle Pass, Texas, USA
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        From: george
        Sent: Monday, May 02, 2011 11:19 AM
        Subject: [borderpoint] Re: Appendages Landward of the Seashore

        --- In borderpoint@yahoogroups.com, "Lowell G. McManus" <lgm@...> wrote:
        > I'm off early in the morning on a three-day, 1,567-mile expedition to collect 37 additional Texas counties, leaving me only 21 more to visit (of the total of 254) to complete the state.

        Lowell, 37 counties in 3 days!

        Do you recall that old film If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium from 1969?

        For you, it must be If It's 11:07, This Must Be Deaf Smith County.

        Just out of curiosity, what qualifies as a "visit"? Does just driving along a bit of highway count, or must you stop and shoot the breeze with someone?



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