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Re: [borderpoint] Zero Avenue

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  • Doug Murray
    Don t you mean high tech security barrier ? ... Doug ... -- Doug Murray sounds+images+words WEB - Borderfilms.com TWITTER -
    Message 1 of 11 , Mar 2, 2011
      Don't you mean "high tech security barrier"?



      On 02/03/11 4:55 PM, Lowell G. McManus wrote:

      I used the term "thalweg" in jest in reference to the ditch.  It's a road ditch, after all!
      Lowell G. McManus
      Eagle Pass, Texas, USA
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      Does it make sence to use thalweg boundaries for water courses which is not used for navigation?


      Any examples?




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      From my 2009 photo, it appears that the border is Thalweg, or at least middle of the ditch. I’ve attached one version of the photo. It’s 1 mb, so I apologize if it’s too large for some members.




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      I don't know whether the thalweg of the ditch or its south bank is the boundary, but the row of ex-trees was in the USA .  They were to be removed by their owner (the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission), with the enthusiastic approval of the Canadian homeowners on the north side of the street.


      Lowell G. McManus
      Eagle Pass , Texas , USA


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      Subject: [borderpoint] Zero Avenue


      Hi all,

      Is the ditch the border? If so, isn't there more than one Canadian installation on U.S. soil here? Or are the (now non-existant) trees the border? But then again, what country cut them down?


      Here's another one. The brown leash sign looks American. So can my dog enter the U.S. park if it has a leash attached? Cause I'm sure humans aren't allowed to enter myself at the spot. :-)


      And yes, Google's border is misaligned in this area. I reported this to Google a few months ago and I received an email today that it was now fixed. Apparently not quite yet, eh?



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    • Lowell G. McManus
      Absolutely! The ditch follows the boundary, not the other way around. Lowell G. McManus Eagle Pass, Texas, USA ... From: Doug Murray To:
      Message 2 of 11 , Mar 2, 2011
        Absolutely!  The ditch follows the boundary, not the other way around.
        Lowell G. McManus
        Eagle Pass, Texas, USA
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        My hunch is that the boundary line is the point between the tip of two boundary pillars.
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