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RE: [borderpoint] Re: Ferghana enclaves

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  • Dallen Timothy
    Yes, these are often referred to as ethnic enclaves or ethnic islands , so there might be some confusion. Dallen ... From: borderpoint@yahoogroups.com on
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 18, 2010
      Yes, these are often referred to as 'ethnic enclaves' or 'ethnic islands', so there might be some confusion.

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      Here is the link to the transcript of the public radio story which
      Leonard mentioned


      Upon reflection, it would appear that the interviewee (Michael Schwirtz
      of the New York Times) was not referring to the formal "enclaves" which
      we often discuss here at Borderpoint, but rather the more usual
      metaphorical usage as in "Little Italy" or "Chinatown".

      In fact the reporter gives specifics where individual houses are
      destroyed in mixed neighborhoods (sounds to me rather similar to
      Yugoslavia in the 1990's).

      --- In borderpoint@yahoogroups.com, "Leonard" <lnadybal@...> wrote:
      > Anyone want to take a guess as to whether we'll see the demise of a
      few enclaves now that Osh is going up in flames?
      > They were actually discussed on public radio here in the US today.
      > LN
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