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RE: SV: [borderpoint] Re: African tripoints

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  • Barry Arnold
    Jesper, I am sorry but I cannot agree with you that members of this group are not interested in tripoints that simply is not true, as a simple search would
    Message 1 of 35 , Mar 31, 2010
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      I am sorry but I cannot agree with you that members of this group are not interested in tripoints that simply is not true, as a simple search would indicate. On my recent border trip I visited borders and tripoints and was equally interested in both.


      To: borderpoint@yahoogroups.com
      From: jesper@...
      Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2010 22:48:24 +0200
      Subject: SV: [borderpoint] Re: African tripoints


      There really isn't any division. Boundarypointpoint (perhaps I shouldn't have called it a sister group) was set up by a former member who wants to focus entirely on tripoints.


      I participate in the other group as I also have interest in tripoints and in this group I normally get well researched responses to my posts. I admit they can often be hard to understand and deciffer. I did not ask anybody to sign up, just browse my maps if interested etc.


      Generally, I have the feeling that members of Borderpoint aren't that interested in tripoints (the responses to my original post was also focusing on the "division" instead of the maps), and as I don't want to flood Borderpoint unnecessary and decided to rather refer to them.





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      We had some issues a while ago with one of the contributors to BoundaryPoint.  Many of his posts were very well researched and added a lot to our group -- but the poster also contributed a lot of confusing and hard to read posts.  English is not the first language of many contributors -- and so this became very frustrating for many people.  Boundarypoint was closed (although the archive of posts is still online at http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/BoundaryPo int/ -- and Jesper and I set up BorderPoint.  Since 2005 we've had few problems. 

      By the way, many people don't know about a very informative email list relating to borders: int-boundaries.  It's from the International Boundaries Research Unit at Durham University. 
      Subscribe here: http://www.dur. ac.uk/ibru/ resources/ int-boundaries/

      Cheers from Canada!


      On 27/03/10 8:22 AM, Magnus Lundin wrote:


      I agree that it seems unnecessary. .. so, is there a historical reason for a this split between borders and boundaries.. ? Do we need a limit-, frontier-, and perimeter-point too..? :-) Just kidding, let's go with one of them.


      On Sat, Mar 27, 2010 at 5:15 AM, Goyta' F. Villela Jr. <goytabr@gmail. com> wrote:

      > > > I just want to let you all know that I have required some
      > > > 1:50.000 topographic maps from Namibia and Botswana and shared

      > > > them at our sister channel Boundarypointpoint (...)

      > >
      > > Sister channel?
      > >
      > > Why that? What's the point of such separatism? - someone's ego or
      > > control? kallos and his missing capital letters are at home there;
      > > you can forget my getting mixed up in that again...

      > I am glad someone else has written this - Jesper I'm surprised that
      > you did not add the maps to this group as they are absolutely
      > relevant to our discussions. Why set up another group with all the
      > historical bulls**t that accompanied it. I'm staying here.

      It seems that, being a relative newbie to the group, I missed something. I have no idea of what you all are talking about. From the hints I've had, I'm not sure I really want to know, but I hope such apparent divisionism doesn't spoil this group. I like it here.



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    • Leonard
      This message troubled me for some time, because it seemed to be incorrect. Now I know it is, and in one aspect I can say why: That the eastern border wasn t
      Message 35 of 35 , Apr 24, 2010
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        This message troubled me for some time, because it seemed to be incorrect. Now I know it is, and in one aspect I can say why:

        That the eastern border wasn't marked isn't true. The SE marker, on south side of the road to Aachen, directly south of where the vierlaenderpunkt was (now tripoint) is still in place.

        The border treaty of 26 June 1918 said the neutral area was to be clearly marked. Poles were used. Pole 193 was at the top of the triangle. In 1869 they were replaced with stones. I - XXX marked the Belgian (west) border, and XXXI - LX marked the side facing Prussia. A straight path was laid along that border that border officials patrolled.

        The lines in the paved area at the Dreilaenderpunkt are enhanced by inlaid brick showing former Moresnet boundaries, and are enhanced by a tall sign about 4-5 meters south from the actual stone that stands where the remaining three borders merge, and it marks the direct north-south line from the tripoint stone that was the eastern border of Neutral Moresnet. There's a big inscription on this sign saying "former border of Neutral Morsenet".


        --- In borderpoint@yahoogroups.com, "Matthias Leube" <Matthias.Leube@...> wrote:
        > Quote from the article:
        > "Neutral Moresnet was a separate territory between 1816 and 1920. It came into existence after the demise of the Napoleonic empire, and was sandwiched between the United Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Kingdom of Prussia. When in 1830 Belgium gained independence from the Netherlands, a four-border point came into being. The area was famous for a zinc spar mine and an experiment with Esperanto. Today it is part of Belgium, but the position of its borders are marked on the paved area around the present day Drielandenpunt. "
        > We have discussed the lines on the paved area before. In my opion, they cannot be the borders of Moresnet, since there are only four lines, three of which are BEDE, DENL and BENL, and neither the western nor the eastern border of Moresnet coincide with today's borders.
        > I came to the conlusion that the fourth line probably is the border between the Belgian communities Kelmis and Plombières, the former being part of the German speaking area "Ostkantone". The fourth line would then be the western border of Moresnet, the eastern not being marked.
        > A counter argument could be that the fourth line is close to the BEDE-line and therefore might be the eastern border of Moresnet, which is no border today. (Besides being separating the Belgian zip code
        > areas 4720 and 4721 according to my map.)
        > Matthias
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