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SV: [borderpoint] Various border documents for my 7 year honeymoon trip

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  • Jesper Nielsen
    My 7 year honeymoon trip was not a border expedition, and yet some borders were photographed and specially targeted. Here is a small report. IT- FR – In the
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 31, 2005

      My 7 year honeymoon trip was not a border expedition, and yet some borders were photographed and specially targeted.


      Here is a small report.


      IT->FR – In the Tende tunnel SW of Cuneo. No signs in the tunnel indicted a border crossing, yet there were a clear surface change, and the emergency exit sign were only on IT side. We were off course unable to stop. In spit of rumours that FR has reintroduced passport control, there were none, and no remains of former passport/customs buildings.


      FR.>IT on the N204 E of Sospel – nice border markers on each side of the road. Still no French control.


      IT->FR – another tunnel border. No signs. No French control.


      FR->MC->FR – due to difficult parking conditions, and time shortage, there weren’t much exploring. I did try to look at the Cap D’ail (from car), and did stop at the main eastern crossing. The border goes through a multiple level roundabout, but the exact alignment is impossible to determine on location with tourist maps only.


      FR->IT at the Mediterranean Sea (see photo of FRITs – the border is a small stream, note the last border disc below the (border?) survey man). Here the French did some control, but were very friendly.


      Short visit to Seborga (see photo) / http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seborga


      IT->SM->IT (including several border visits, see http://www.geocities.com/jesniel/itsm for detailed report)


      IT->AT at Reschenpass


      AT->CH at Martina – both guards waived us through, in spite of my non European looking wife with a non European passport


      CH->IT at Castasegna – again just waiving us through as this outer Schengen border. 5 Italian guards looked strangely at me as I stopped anyway, and walked back to find markers. One of them were helpful to point at the border. I noted that he pointed elsewhere than the border disc in the road, he couldn’t fool me :-)


      IT->CH E of Lugano. It appeared that the border was again in tunnel, and I decided to not look for it.


      CH->IT between Lugano and Varese – nice marker and dotted line on the bridge. This was the first time anybody bothers about our passports.




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      Emne: [borderpoint] Various border documents for my 7 year honeymoon trip


      From Ewan Anderson’s International Boundaries I found this list for


      FRMC: Boundary Unchanged since its establishment in 1070

      ITSM: Congress of Vienna (1797), Treaty of Friendship between Italy and San Marino (1862)

      ESGB: Peace Treaty of Utrecht (1713) came under British rule and subsequently confirmed by Treaty of Seville (1729) ,Treaty of Vienna (1731), Treaty of Aix-le-Chapelle (1756), Treaty of Paris (1736), Treaty of Versailles (1983) confirmed all these Treaties

      ESMO: No international agreements


      Well, FRMC and ITSM will only be visited on the trip, but typically me I will comment on the above documents before further research.


      It’s remarkable that Spain is unhappy about Gibraltar since so  many documents seem to confirm the border.

      Ceuta and Melilla : Who established the zeutral zones around the coastal fragments? Spain or Morocco , and what is the function?


      And was there a 1983 Versailles Treaty?






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