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"En territoire belge..."

My Baarle book remains available for free download t the University of Melbourne library Search via their catalogue, or go direct via this link
    Brendan Whyte
    Apr 5
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    Re: Brendon Whyte "En territoire belge et � quarante centim�tres

    All of you, I put a copy in Onedrive: the link is: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AiaqzdrNcJPlwBRfKaPDo9U8hmWL By the
    Eef Berns
    Mar 31

    Re: Digest Number 1800

    Hi, Brendon. I have a copy. I can transmit it via wetransfer.com (from which you can download it) if I have your correct personal/private email so the
    Len Nadybal
    Mar 31

    Brendon Whyte br

    Sent from Outlook
    william burke
    Mar 31

    Brendon Whyte "En territoire belge et à quarante centimètres de la

    was available to download as a pdf which I did some years ago.However I have lost my copy and want to download again. Is it available anywhere? Help please as
    william burke
    Mar 31

    Re: Murder on the borderline

    http://www.leepers.us/evelyn/reviews/mieville.htm Reviews by Evelyn C. Leeper www.leepers.us KRAKEN by China
    william burke
    Feb 27

    Fw: Murder on the borderline

    There was a 1980 murder case in Australia, R. versus Ward (appealed as Ward versus R. (i.e. Regina = the Queen), where a man fishing on the bank of (or wading
    Brendan Whyte
    Feb 26

    Suicide at the borderline

    A few decades ago, I heard a discussion of a fictional short story on BBC Radio about an Englishman who determined to commit suicide because he was such a
    Lowell G. McManus
    Feb 26

    Re: Murder on the borderline

    ... Don't forget inspector Jules Maigret, who was French, but a creation of Georges Simenon, the best-selling Belgian writer of all time. A sort of Agatha
    Goyta' F. Villela Jr.
    Feb 26

    Murder on the borderline

    I was unaware of the Belorussian body on the border in 2008... how intriguing, especially given that the bank was used for nefarious purposes in the past
    Brendan Whyte
    Feb 26

    Re: Baarle travel advice

    Eef, Looking at the video again, was the building in which the murder took place the white building with the name Roclen on the side of it. When I visited
    william burke
    Feb 26

    Re: Baarle travel advice

    Thank you Eef, You have done a lot of research and you must be correct.Yet, I still believe to have seen a news video 5/10 years ago fromBaarle re a murder
    william burke
    Feb 26

    Re: Baarle travel advice

    Hello, I checked the murder-story with my friend Wil Nous (reporter of the dutch tabloid "De Telegraaf" who covered the story) and border-expert Peter Dirven
    Feb 26

    Re: Maps re: Baarle travel advice

    Feel free to check out my YouTube video of the town from 8 years ago at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjulWuc82Fg - and my blog entry at
    Hugh Wallis
    Feb 24

    Re: Some Baarle photos

    Sent from Outlook ________________________________ From: borderpoint@yahoogroups.com on behalf of
    william burke
    Feb 24
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