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Re: Swiss internal exclaves

Thanks so much Matthias! This is excellent and very helpful. Luckily, I can read German fairly well. Cheers Dallen From: borderpoint@yahoogroups.com
    Dallen Timothy
    Jul 11
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    Re: Swiss internal exclaves

    http://www.bfs.admin.ch/bfs/portal/de/index/news/publikationen.Document.64476.pdf Page 26 Matthias Am 11.07.2015 um 02:37 schrieb Dallen Timothy
    Matthias Leube
    Jul 11

    Swiss internal exclaves

    Can someone direct me to a full list of Switzerland's domestic enclaves? I found a few lists, but none of them are comprehensive. Thanks, Dallen
    Dallen Timothy
    Jul 10

    Re: Territorial evolution of Canada

    Thanks Lowell - and a Happy Dominion Day (OK, Canada Day if you insist) to you on this 148th birthday of Canada !! On 1 July 2015 at 09:42, 'Lowell G. McManus'
    Hugh Wallis
    Jul 1

    Territorial evolution of Canada

    At https://goo.gl/tofjA is an interesting animated GIF showing the historical evolution of Canada's boundaries, both external and internal, since confederation
    Lowell G. McManus
    Jul 1

    Vs: [borderpoint] Liberland

    ... and the story continues ...Yet another micronation!Rolf http://enclava.org maanantai 27. huhtikuuta 2015 13.21 "nicky@... [borderpoint]"
    Rolf Palmberg
    Jun 30

    Re: Floating island

    ... Thanks, Doug, that was very interesting. The only Kusturica movie I've seen was "When Father Was Away On Business" (the father from the title had actually
    Goyta' F. Villela Jr.
    Jun 29

    Re: Floating island

    All this 'floating island' talk reminds me of the ending of the fantastic film 'Underground (Once Upon a Time There Was One Country...)' by Yugoslavian/Serbian
    Doug Murray
    Jun 29

    Re: Floating island

    ... Another fictional example is in the 1967 "Doctor Dolittle" film with Rex Harrison in the title role (*not* in the more recent Eddie Murphy version). There
    Goyta' F. Villela Jr.
    Jun 29

    Floating island

    I am reminded of this video of a U.S. Congressional hearing about a proposed Marine base on the island of Guam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cesSRfXqS1Q
    Lowell G. McManus
    Jun 28

    Re: Digest Number 1705

    For a fictional, manmade example, see Jules Verne's 1895 "L'Île à hélice" translated as "Propellor Island" , " The Floating Island", or "The Pearl of the
    Brendan Whyte
    Jun 28

    new land territory in Lake Victoria

    Interesting, if true. If this island keeps moving, it could end up in Tanzania or Kenya. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-33226626
    Dallen Timothy
    Jun 25

    Re: Whoa, a weird crossing of the streams!

    Lol, thanks for letting me know. So she's the ONE who read the book! :) best, Dallen ________________________________________ From:
    Dallen Timothy
    Jun 23

    Whoa, a weird crossing of the streams!

    So my wife just finished her masters in Sustainable Tourism from ASU, and is reading one final book...Cultural Heritage and Tourism...and the author's name on
    Phil Lacefield Jr.
    Jun 23

    Re: Area 51 [1 Attachment]

    That’s good. See, David, how interesting borders are!?!? I can’t understand the attitudes of those who scoff at our fascination with this, one of the most
      Dallen Timothy
      Jun 23
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