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8254Hose for pumping alcohol from Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan uncovered

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  • Brendan Whyte
    Feb 24, 2014
      Hose for pumping alcohol from Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan uncovered

      Excerpt from report by privately-owned Interfax-Kazakhstan news agency

      Bishkek, 18 February: Border guards have uncovered a 500-metre hose by the transborder Chu River, which was used to pump alcohol from Kazakhstan into Kyrgyzstan.

      "The hose was dug into the ground and further stretched through the bottom of the river across the Kyrgyz-Kazakh state border. The hose is about 500 metres long and its diameter is 20 mm," Interfax learnt at the press service of the Kyrgyz State Border Service today.

      The alcohol pipe was uncovered in the area patrolled by the Tokmok border post of the Chuy border unit (the north of Kyrgyzstan).

      [Passage omitted: another hose for smuggling alcohol across the border was uncovered in August last year]

      Source: Interfax-Kazakhstan news agency, Almaty, in Russian 1104 gmt 18 Feb 14
      BBC Mon CAU 180214 sa/akm