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8236RE: [borderpoint] San Diego's New AAA Baseball Team

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  • Bill Baron
    Oct 23, 2013

      David – I stand corrected.  I had to look it up.  Apparently San Ysidro is a non-contiguous part of the city of San Diego, so technically San Diego is a border town.  But San Ysidro is separated from the rest of the city by National City and Chula Vista, which are independent cities. 


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      Aren't Chula Vista, National City and/or San Ysidro part of metro San Diego, though (like Burbank and Santa Barbara are part of metro LA)? Vancouver might not be considered a border city for the same reason (it's another city that slips my mind that's part of Vancouver metro that actually touches CAUS), but a case could equally be made for both cities to be border cities. And, btw, Vancouver is also home to major league sports teams (and a recent Olympic host)

      On Oct 23, 2013, at 9:40 PM, "Bill Baron" <bill@...> wrote:

      I’ve never really considered San Diego to be a border town, because you find yourself driving through Chula Vista, National City and San Ysidro before you get to Mexico.  But another example of a border AAA baseball team is the Buffalo Bisons, which is the affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays.  Toronto and Toledo are both border towns if you have a boat!


      - Bill Baron


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      I'm writing because I just read this article about the name of the San Diego Padres' new AAA affiliate.  Here's the link: http://deadspin.com/el-pasos-minor-league-baseball-team-will-be-the-chihua-1450436512 but unless you're interested in baseball, and strange rs' opinions of team names, this article probably doesn't interest you at all.


      But as soon as I read the headline, something occurred to me.  The Padres play in a city that borders Mexico, and now their new AAA affiliate will also.  There is probably not a single person in the Padres organization that had that thought, or decided "Our AAA team should be in a border town also", but I found it an interesting coincidence.  The only other baseball team in a border town, the Detroit Tigers, have their AAA affiliate in Toledo, Ohio.

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