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8230RE: Interesting maps on twistedsifter

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  • jeff_nibert
    Oct 21, 2013

      Hi Peter,

      This is off of your topic, but I want to ask a question to you specifically.  I have spent considerable time googling and searching Borderpoint regarding a piece of information that I am looking for.  It is about what must be a familiar topic to you and others here, the UAE.   

      It regards this part of a message of yours back in May, 2008:



           P von Werden

           Message 1 of 3 , May 20, 2008


           As to the area claimed by Fujairah and Sharjah, it was indeed a surprise for me to  learn about it and I will try to find out more next time I'll go to the east coast. ...


      I am dying to find out what you learned about this the area claimed by Fujairah and Sharjah.  Does it have a name? Are there details that you can share?

      I would appreciate anything you can say about this particular area.

      Jeff Nibert

      ---In borderpoint@yahoogroups.com, <vonwerden@...> wrote:

      Not directly border related but I found this collection of interesting maps that might be of interest.