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8226Pictures of International Peace Gardens (on CAUS border) and some personal border-related news

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  • David Kendall
    Oct 11, 2013
      I finally got around to uploading some pictures of out trip to (among other things), the International Peace Gardens, which is on the CAUS border, to my Flickr page http://www.flickr.com/photos/23704996@N05/ . Both my 11 year old daughter and I took pictures, mine focussed more on things that lay on the border (and flags), my daughter more on the flowers (remember, it is a very large garden as well). One of the things in the picture set I think many here would find interesting is the two I have of the Peace Chapel (an actual functioning chapel in the summer!) It is the only example I can think of at the moment of a building that's right on the CAUS border and, unlike other buildings on the border like the Haskell Library and the Opera House in Derby Line/Stanstead that are on the border, the Peace Chapel was deliberately built to straddle the line (whereas in the case of the Derby LIne/Stanstead buildings, I think it was a combination of being built before the border was demarcated or being unaware where the border was when the building was built).

      Also, some personal news that I think would also be of interest to the group: since October 30, 2012 I have been out of work looking for employment. This changed on October 9 of this year when I started at a new job I was accepted at a few days before, at a customs broker here in Winnipeg! I never mentioned my interest in borders at the interview I'm sure (although I may have mentioned my interest in geography), but I find that this job is feeding my border interest, as in the few short days I've been working there, I've been getting to know CAUS very well - where all the crossings are, etc. (My job is to prepare the customs paperwork sent in by importers, truckers, and the like to prepare them for the customs brokers, making sure the files are labelled correctly to get to the right person with the urgency that is required for that particular work. It's an entry level position, but after just being there a few days, I've already been thinking that I may want to work more in the industry over the next coming years, perhaps becoming a customs broker myself.)