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3566again: Ajman/Muscat condominium

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  • Joachim Duester
    May 22, 2008
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      My apologies for coming back to the Ajman/Muscat condo question.
      Perhaps I missed the point myself because I was too much focussed on
      Masfut while the alleged condo is actually Hadf, see


      The agreement which is interpreted by some as constituting a condo is
      the agreement defining the Hadf zone, signed in Salalah on 26 April
      1960 by Sultan Said and in Ajman on 30 April 1960 by Shaikh Rashid,
      ruler of Ajman. I found the text in The UAE: Internal Boundaries and
      the Boundary with Oman (ISBN 1-85207-575-9), Vol. 6, pp. 483-484
      (English translation on pp. 477-478). This provides for somen joint
      supervision in the zone by the ruler of Ajman and the shaikhs under
      the rule of Muscat. It allows the Ajman ruler to continue collecting
      zakat (Islamic tax). The ruler of Ajman is, however, not to interfere
      in the affairs of the local people, the Bani Ka'ab - this is the sole
      responsibility of shaikhs which are under Muscat rule.

      I would need to check this agreement against the other one signed
      around the same time which defined the Sultanate/Ajman border near
      Masfut (same source, p. 501/502) to see how exactly they are related.
      I don't know when the Hadf zone agreement was terminated, but it
      certainly was.