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  • Baltica
    Jan 31, 2006


      Say what you will about the Golden Globes that took place on January 16, the awards show was entertaining, fashionable and surreal. Here’s a recap of the red carpet extravaganza: Queen Latifah, who hails from Newark, New Jersey, and stars in “Last Holiday” was a winner in a sleek teal gown. Dazzling in a strapless white column gown cinched at the waist, sporting Cartier teardrop-shaped earrings was Keira Knightley. Eva Longoria wore a Bob Mackie red gown. Hilary Swank was wearing a dramatic backless black dress, and everyone’s favorite star Jessica Alba turned heads in a black Versace. So there you have it, the favorite colors of the stars for the “2006” Golden Globe Awards were red, black, and white , with a few of them going rainbow. On the red carpet, rumors and speculations were also addressed to the stars. Hilary Swank, 31, and hubby Chad Lowe, 38, who recently announced their separation on Jan.9. told red carpet interviewers that the marriage is not over. Let’s hope the couple reconciles!  Then we all heard Russell Crowe announce that his wife Danielle Spencer is expecting their second child. The Globes have an outstanding track record at predicting the Oscars. Of course, the golden moments are when the winners are called. The winners walk up to the stage to receive the award, and at that precise moment you realize they are human beings too. They are not playing a character role in a movie. They are themselves. They are nervous. They stutter. Some even reach for their little piece of paper in their pocket for the acceptance thank-you speech. Yet, they always remember to thank the relatively small Hollywood Foreign Press, which has about 80 members, compared with the 5,800 movie professionals eligible to vote for the Oscars. The Oscar nominations come out on Jan. 31, with the awards show presented on Mar 5.Receiving an honorary Oscar this year is Robert Altman, 80, he has directed 86 movies, including “The Player”, and “M*A*S*H”.





      Wynter Smoke
      We always need proofreaders who can correct text, censors who can distinguish between the wheat and the chaff, filters who can tell spam from Spandex, gristers who can find data, outgoers who have been into the world and met femmes and can describe them, watchers who can watch films and TV programs, sentencers who can put two sentences together, translators who can translate from one thing into another, critics, reporters, reviewers, listeners and opinion-makers.