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12Mary Elizabeth Martino

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  • Baltica
    Sep 9, 2006
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      Mary Elizabeth Martino is as innocent as can be—until the 21-year-old virgin wakes up one morning to find herself impregnated…by a demon! That’s the premise of BORN, the latest feature from director Richard Friedman, whose career spans from the 1980s’ TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE, MONSTERS and FRIDAY THE 13TH series through the recent lycanthropicture DARKWOLF, and who passed on a couple of pics from his new movie (see the other below). The evil fetus soon has full control over Mary, rendering her helpless to control its dark and homicidal urges, even to the point of murdering her own family.

      “It’s a cool little movie,” Friedman tells Fango of the indie production. “It’s a cross between THE EXORCIST, ROSEMARY’S BABY and THE OMEN about a woman pregnant with a demon’s child, the father of whom happens to be her brother! We’re shooting in 16 days, which is a challenge because there are a lot of effects and locations. BORN is a far better movie than DARKWOLF, though as bad as the CGI was in that movie, it was an enormous success for us on DVD. Our lead actress in BORN, a newcomer named Allison Brie, is amazing.”

      The script was penned by Alex D’Lerma (who acted in DARKWOLF), and a few familiar genre faces are among the supporting cast. Frequent Jason Voorhees actor Kane Hodder “plays the demon and says hi to Fango,” Friedman says; Denise (MORTUARY) Crosby, James Callahan, Eddie Velez, Joan (BLACK SCORPION) Severance and Rick McCallum (an actor/stuntman who doubled for Sid Haig in THE DEVIL’S REJECTS) also star. Keep checking back to this site for BORN updates and photos. —Audrey Quaranta



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