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Re: Formal Review Announcement: Lambda Library

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  • timehorse
    ... Powell starts ... http://groups.yahoo.com/group/boost/files/lambda/lambda_2002_02_22.zip ...
    Message 1 of 18 , Mar 18, 2002
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      --- In boost@y..., Aleksey Gurtovoy <alexy@m...> wrote:
      > The formal review of Lambda Library by Jaakko Järvi and Gary
      > today, March 8th and runs through Wednesday, March 20th.
      > The library is available at


      I am currently evaluating this library and in principle, as a long-
      time support of the addition of Lambda functions to C++ I am very
      interested in such a library as this being added to Boost. However,
      I have to appologize for my late entry in the discussion as I have
      only just learned about boost a few days ago and have to review the
      Bind library and any other library that is mentioned in these
      discussions and although I still have 2 days to make my comments I
      hope pass or fail you won't mind me posting my review a day or two
      late if I can't do so in a timely fashion.

      From what I have read of the BLL so far I am very pleased with it and
      if I don't get a chance to post my review before the time limit,
      please consider this a tentitive endorsement.

      Thanks all and great work Jaakko and Gery!!

      Devo Andare,

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