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Boomers Love Connection

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  • boomersint
    Welcome, This is the Yahoo! Message Board for Boomers Love Connection community.
    Message 1 of 17 , Nov 15, 1998
      Welcome, This is the Yahoo! Message Board for Boomers Love Connection community.
    • boomersint
      e decided to open this new club for single boomers who want to meet other single. If you want to meet other boomers in general just to meet new friends, please
      Message 2 of 17 , Nov 17, 1998
      • boomersint
        ave you been alone for a while and now that you are deciding to meet other nice boomers or just nice people who share your interest? We can help if you are
        Message 3 of 17 , Nov 17, 1998
        • boomersint
          Message 4 of 17 , Nov 21, 1998
          • cosmiccowboy
            ingle White Long Haired Male Texas Hetero Hippie here...let s talk Music..(I play guitar), or anything except politics and/or religion..( cause I m a
            Message 5 of 17 , Nov 24, 1998
            • DracuTull
              oom me all night long! Let s boom!
              Message 6 of 17 , Nov 24, 1998
              • boomersint
                arm welcome to all of you... We only just begun... but we will have fun ... meeting new friends....
                Message 7 of 17 , Nov 24, 1998
                • RAINBOW_HOPE_54
                  ello Everyone, My names Lynne. Thanks for the invite. Sure hope to meet alot of new friends here, as this club gets to booming. A persons friendship
                  Message 8 of 17 , Nov 25, 1998
                  • boomersint
                    o all our boomer friends! Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Be safe and be well. With Love from Boomers Love Connection! ����
                    Message 9 of 17 , Nov 25, 1998
                    • goldenheart59
                      appy Thanksgiving to you all. Have a safe and fun holiday. If any of you happen to log on today, I sure would love some conversation. New to the group and
                      Message 10 of 17 , Nov 26, 1998
                      • boomersint
                        or the time being while we are still building up members/friends for this club, if you would like to chat with other boomers , please join us at Boomers
                        Message 11 of 17 , Nov 27, 1998
                        • boomersint
                          Message 12 of 17 , Nov 28, 1998
                          • boomersint
                            lease make yourself at home and feel free to post your note here! You can also set up chat time on the calendar.
                            Message 13 of 17 , Nov 29, 1998
                            • boomersint
                              warm welcome to you all new club friends. You probably think what is this married woman doing here in the Single s CLUB? Well.. I was single ONCE, been in love
                              Message 14 of 17 , Nov 30, 1998
                              • eddiewo98
                                ooking forward to hearing from all of you. Just drop me an e-mail.
                                Message 15 of 17 , Dec 2, 1998
                                • catsclaw_98
                                  i just wanted to know if anyone vists this room any more maybe i m doing this wrong. I m just learning to use the computer.
                                  Message 16 of 17 , Dec 5, 1998
                                  • boomersint
                                    visit this room every day.. and I can see that several of you visit the site occasionally.. Due to Thanksgiving and also Xmas coming up in a few weeks I
                                    Message 17 of 17 , Dec 5, 1998
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