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  • Jamieson Villeneuve
    *Announcing the brand new Serial Novel by* *Jamieson Wolf!* *HUNTED* Susan Halliway is desperate to change her life. But something is desperate to hunt her¡K
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      Announcing the brand new Serial Novel by Jamieson Wolf!


      Susan Halliway is desperate to change her life. But something is desperate to hunt her…


      After a run in with demons, angels, the living dead, snuff films and aging soap opera actresses, all Susan wants is a change of pace. Giving up the glamorous world of Daytime Television, she moves to New York to open up her own detective agency.


      What Susan doesn't know is that the Living Dead have followed her. Except this time, they aren't zombies. Vampires are watching Susan's every move and she wants to find out why. Before she can, however, the body of a young girl is discovered in her apartment.


      Fleeing for safety, Susan turns for help to the only person she can think of: Derrick Madison. He left her once, breaking her heart. Can she trust him to keep her safe and ignore the heat that still lingers between them?


      They will need all their cunning, all their daring, if they are to reach the end of this hunt alive….




      Join the hunt at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Hunted/

      Jamieson Wolf: http://crowswolf.tripod.com/jamiesonwolfvilleneuve/
      The Muse: http://www.lsswritingschool.com/TheMuse.html
      Isis Publications: http://isis-publications.tripod.com/
      Senior Reviewer: http://www.linearreflections.com/
      The Muse Online Writers Conference-Presenter:
      Wolf's Picks: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wolfspicks/
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