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Nathanial Portis Squirms in J.T's Hot Seat!

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  • Jessica Tilles
    Pass the Word -- J.T. s Book Corner is a comfy, cozy place to read about your favorite author! Check out Nathanial Portis interview at J.T. s Book Corner. Was
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 14, 2005
      Pass the Word -- J.T.'s Book Corner is a
      comfy, cozy place to read about your favorite author!
      Check out Nathanial Portis' interview at J.T.'s Book Corner. Was he able to stand the heat of J.T.'s Hot Seat?  He squirmed a little bit...but he took it like a man! 
      If you're an author, editor, publicist, or have a speciality in the literary arena, and would like to be featured on Black Men In America.com, the hottest eZine on the net, drop me an email at jessica@....
      Thanks to everyone for making J.T.'s Book Corner a HUGE success!  We are booked through the beginning of July!!
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      J.T. Shoots the Breeze with Author Nathanial Portis

      �I think everyone in life has a story to tell where they were the victim and life was unfair to them at some point. Rich, poor, old, young, fat, thin, and black or white we all have a story to tell. For some of us our stories are more dramatic than others, but in the end all that matters is how or if we get past those situations, things in between, or do we let them affect the rest of our lives.�  � Nathanial Portis, author of Things IN Between. 

      Someone once said, �Jessica, close your mouth and listen. The best way to get to know someone is through his own words.� So, I closed my mouth, opened my ears and learned about the man behind Things In Between. I invite you to do the same. Clear your mind and take it all in. Nathanial has a lot to say! 

      JT:          Nathanial, welcome J.T.�s Book Corner, and congratulations on a successful debut novel. 

      NP: Thank you for having me here.       

      JT:     Okay, so tell me, what is Things In Between about? 

      NP:     Well first let me explain the title of Things IN Between. People set goals and we look at our goals and hope we can accomplish them.  The goals we set are often wanted so badly that nothing can stop us from reaching them except the Things IN Between, I refer to the things In between as life�s unexpected issues that come up when we are least prepared to deal with them, you know the car breaking down while you�re running late to work and you have no sick or vacation time left to call in, or a single mother who�s babysitter moved out of town a few days prior without giving any notice and now she has to use bill money to pay for the expensive daycare. 

       The Things IN Between are always unexpected but once/if they are handled with a positive outcome then those things can seem so small that you forgot about them but at the time they arise they were so serious that they could make or break the goal from ever happening. 

      Read the rest of the interview here:  http://www.blackmeninamerica.com/jt.htm#Portis

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