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Got my web page fixed.

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  • robert duncan
    Free e-books & software I have to apologize to all you folks for the screw up on my web page. I ve been hard at work for the past week so everything s right &
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2002
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       Free e-books & software

      I have to apologize to all you folks for the screw up on my web page.

      I've been hard at work for the past week so everything's right & it downloads to you fast now.

      All e-books & software are absolutely FREE

      The Sundial Book now has the colored pictures of the sundial faces back in it again and You can read everything in the Excel software now.

      For making sundials, you can't beat this web page now.

      Also fiction & science e-books

      & a program to get rid of those annoying pop up ads.



      School teachers, please give this sundial software to your students. We will need all the future scientists we can get. If I was teaching Excel then I would begin with this software. It's so easy to use. This free Sundial Book & software is the same offered by Sundialsoft in Popular Mechanics and sold to countries all over the world for $10 per floppy even before this internet was flourishing. One letter, I am told, came to them from Saudi Arabia with $7 in single bills. A promise to pay the additional $3 was made if the product arrived and was found to be satisfactory. The floppy was shipped. Several months later, from Saudi Arabia, came a letter with 3 more American dollar bills. So this should be positive proof that the Sundial Book & Excel software are well worth downloading.



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