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1895Re: [booksbybibin,www.booksbybibin.tk] 74 series IC Tester

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  • kailash kumar
    Mar 1, 2010
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      Also connect your board with computer and ask user to select the ic from your made software. it will make work easier. otherwise, you wont be able to know which ic your controller should check logic. 

      And also look at the datasheet of 74 series, I think you cant activate ic using mcu pin, therefore you need to connect 74xx ic with 5v, use thyrister (IGBT) which will enable you to control 5v to 74xx. and also, for difference socket size, like 10pin,14pin, or other size, these IGBTs will help alot.

      for more you can see leaper programmer, which supports 40pin,48pin, and one more pin. it gives supply to socket ic by using IGBT. 

      If you didn't get my logic, reply me, I will send you circuit diagram.

      regards and best of luck.

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      If you want to a logic tester than use avr having large memory more than 16 kb.For making logic tester you have to make a data base for each IC which contain its logic functrion details, for example on a AND gate you apply logic 11 on two input pin and get true on o/p,Apply similary process for all IC you want to test.Remember that in this way you can made a logic tester not a parameter tester.And don't forget to use buffers on testing ZIP socket.

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      Subject: [booksbybibin, www.booksbybibin .tk] 74 series IC Tester


      I am trying to make 74 series IC tester using ATMEGA32. Someone has any idea about how to make such IC tester.
      thanks in advance

      Ahsan Saddique

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