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1638Re: [booksbybibin,www.booksbybibin.tk] ATmega16 l isp

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  • akash deep
    Apr 4, 2009
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      ur atmega is dead!!!
      happened the same with me...
      i was so frustrated that y its not working...
      had put 6 months trying to get tht uC working


      --- On Tue, 31/3/09, gaurav9995 <gaurav9995@...> wrote:

      > From: gaurav9995 <gaurav9995@...>
      > Subject: [booksbybibin,www.booksbybibin.tk] ATmega16 l isp
      > To: booksbybibin@yahoogroups.com
      > Date: Tuesday, 31 March, 2009, 11:39 PM
      > Hi all,
      > I recently made an ISP parallel port programmer and am
      > trying to program my ATMEGA16L board. I always read the
      > FLASH memory as 0xFF, and always unkown device while I was
      > using PonyProg2000 and tried other programmer also. I am
      > wondering anybody have any idea what can be wrong. My BIOS
      > setup is using ECP. I checked the design for so many ISP
      > programmer and I think my design is same as them. Any help
      > or advice is appreciated.

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