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1527line follower

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  • akash deep
    Feb 4, 2009
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      heylo every1
      i was trying to make a line follower robot...
      but problemssssss...

      i have connected the inputs to portc and output to portb.
       and made the following code


      int main()
      DDRC=0x00; //Input port c declared
      DDRB=0xff; //port B declared output

      PORTC=0xff; //active pull resistors



      PORTB=0x5c;//go strt

      if (PORTC==0xef)
      PORTB=0x48;//go left

      if (PORTC==0xfb)
      PORTB=0x14;//go right


      althought portd=255 lights up the leds on portd...
      nothing else happens to portb when i change the inputs on portc..

      have connected inputs to pc5 and pc3

      outputs to pb1 and pb3..

      thanks in advance

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