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1470Re: [booksbybibin,www.booksbybibin.tk] Xbee , motor controller and control circuit

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  • nitin chaudhary
    Nov 3, 2008
      the first thing you should do is to separate  the motor supply.It will consume a lot of power.When i was designing the same but using  434 MHz rf  modules due to negative peaks produced by motor there ware fluctuations in the circuit and moreover the motor will consume most of the power and hence degrading the module functionality.Also you have not to connect the GNDS of both power supply as it will transfer the back emf to uc & rf module.Option is either you connect diodes,capacitors across motor or use optoisolator as connection between motor driver ic and uc.

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      Subject: [booksbybibin,www.booksbybibin.tk] Xbee , motor controller and control circuit
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      Date: Friday, 31 October, 2008, 8:17 PM

      Hello everyone.

      I am designing a wireless remote control robot. The goal of the
      project is to send a wireless signal to a robot which will intern
      give left,right,forward, backward and speed control to the bot.
      There are going to be two robots that are going to be control. The
      first( alpha) is going to control the second robot.So the second bot
      is a duplicate of the second.

      Here is my question: I am going to have a Xbee wireless module, motor
      control and control circuit. what will be a good advice for power
      distribution. should I give each or two module a separate power

      question arise because I am designing a PCB board and is considering
      to run the motor controller, control circuit and the X bee all built
      on the same board. so power sharing and distribution( power rating for
      each module is different). I have two chargeable 7.2 v 7400mAH
      Here are my power sharing ideas: Xbee and control circuit on same
      power supply. Motor controller on a separate motor controller

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