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1468Re: Xbee , motor controller and control circuit

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  • ludmil_katzarov
    Nov 1, 2008
      Separate PS are not a bad idea. RF for sure is going to send some
      interferance. I would suggest a metal shield over the rf part.
      Inductor and capacitor should be good, the motor part is going to have
      also affect PS. Inductor or fuseable resistor, big capacitor and small
      capacitor should do. for the logic - same practice and 100 - 150 nf
      close to the MPU or under.
      All module grounds should go separate to the point where PS is
      connected and meet there. Same rule for 3 or 5V. 10=100MF are good as
      boost for logic and RF, 100-150 nf for filter in parallel. Metal
      shiels are good practice.
      Good luck.
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