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1352Regarding access to weekday register in DS1302 using CodevisionAVR

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  • akshay
    Jul 16, 2008
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      Dear Friends,

      I am interfacing DS1302 with ATMEGA8535 using CodevisionAVR compiler.
      I was trying to access the weekday register using ds1302 library

      I wrote a simple code for this like:
      k = ds1302_read(0x8B);

      but the value of k is not coming equal to what I have written using
      ds1302_write. Can anybody please help in this regard?

      Kindly note that on datasheet pg-9, the read address is given as 0x8B
      and write address as 0x8A.

      Waiting for your replies.....

      Akshay Mathur