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1146AVR atmega8

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  • Chinni krishna
    Jan 1, 2008
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      Hello Frends
      I am new to microcontroller programming

      I oderered a parallel port programmer from robokits.org
      I am windows XP operating system
      Is it possible to use the parallel port in windows XP r it has some
      if so how to over come them
      i installed some giveio.
      is it enough

      My next problem i need circuit diagram fr the basic Atmega8 board
      that i need to make so tat i can program it
      givng acess to all the ports so tat
      i can keep headers there so tat i can fix them to other circuits

      or just tell me how i can make a led blink
      i don't want the programs
      i need hardware part
      plzzzzzzzz kindly help me
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