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1022programming for ATmega8 with UCflash programmer

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  • udit_kansal
    Oct 2, 2007
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      I am trying to program the mega8 using the UCmicrosys's UCflash AVR
      programmer. I am using winAVR for this. However, winAVR needs me to
      specify the kind of programmer type while making the makefile which i
      need before i can compile my code.

      Unfortunately, the UCflash programmer does not appear in the list
      given. I tried using the BSD and interfacing my mega8 using hte LPT1
      port. Unfortunately, the winAV was now able to open the LPT port. I
      dont know why. I went through your parallel port interfacing book, and
      i have tried everything including useport, lpt.exe, etc. I hace
      checked my LPT port settings in BIOS and i have verifed the address.
      My motherboad is Intel945 original chipset, which i beleive is
      creating the problem.

      Anyways, so I am back to the programmer for which i spent around
      3000Rs. I am not able to undestand how to create the hex file using
      WinAVR which i can uploadto the spftware module which came with my

      Please help as i m totally confused right now. This is ugent.