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    RARE BOOK SCHOOL (RBS) is pleased to announce its Spring and Summer Sessions 2004, a collection of five-day, non-credit courses on topics concerning rare
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 17, 2004
      RARE BOOK SCHOOL (RBS) is pleased to announce its Spring and Summer Sessions 2004, a collection of five-day, non-credit courses on topics concerning rare books, manuscripts, the history of books and printing, and special collections to be held at the University of Virginia.

      FOR AN APPLICATION FORM and electronic copies of the complete brochure and the RBS Expanded Course Descriptions, providing additional details about the courses offered and other information about RBS, visit our Web site at:


      Subscribers to the list may find the following Rare Book School courses to be of particular interest:

      61. INTRODUCTION TO THE HISTORY OF BOOKBINDING. (MONDAY-FRIDAY, 12-16 JULY). A bookbinding has two main functions. It protects its text block against wear and tear, and, by its structure, it makes a book out of a heap of otherwise separate leaves or quires. Through the ages, the covers, spine, fore-edge and other parts of the book have been decorated in almost every conceivable manner, technique, and material, thereby turning the binding into a work of decorative art. This introductory course, which will discuss the principal techniques and materials used in the West over binding's long history, is intended for those who wish to develop a better understanding of the history of the field; it is not a practical binding course. It is aimed at historians, special collections personnel, collectors, dealers, conservators and bookbinders, and others with an interest in the binding and its history. Instructor: Jan Storm van Leeuwen.

      JAN STORM VAN LEEUWEN is Keeper of the Binding Collection at the Dutch Royal Library in The Hague. He has published widely in Dutch, English, French, and German on the history of bookbinding. He gives courses in the history of bookbinding at the Amsterdam Restoration School and at the Plantin Society in Antwerp. He is honorary member of the International Association of Bibliophiles and the Amis de la Reliure d'Art.

      41. BOOK ILLUSTRATION PROCESSES TO 1890. (MONDAY-FRIDAY, 14-18 JUNE). The identification of illustration processes and techniques, including (but not only) woodcut, etching, engraving, stipple, aquatint, mezzotint, lithography, wood engraving, steel engraving, process line and halftone relief, collotype, photogravure, and color printing. The course will be taught almost entirely from the extensive Rare Book School files of examples of illustration processes. As part of the course, students will make their own etchings, drypoints, and relief cuts in supervised laboratory sessions. Instructor: Terry Belanger.

      TERRY BELANGER, founding director of Rare Book School, is University Professor and Honorary Curator of Special Collections at the University of Virginia.

      53. INTRODUCTION TO THE HISTORY OF TYPOGRAPHY. (MONDAY-FRIDAY, 5-9 JULY). A survey of European and American typographic history from 1450 to the present, but concentrating on the period 1480-1950. Topics will include: the development of Roman and italic; from Old Style to Transitional to Modern (Italian, French, Dutch, and English developments); display types; the coming of machine composition and the historic revivals; typeface nomenclature; and techniques for dating pre-1885 hand-set typefaces and for naming post-1885 machine-set typefaces. In laboratory sessions, students will have a chance to set type by hand, proof, and print. Instructor: Stanley Nelson.

      STANLEY NELSON has been a specialist for many years in the Graphic Arts Collection of the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution, and he has given many demonstrations and lectured widely on various aspects of typographic history. He is both author and presenter in the 1985 Book Arts Press videotape, From Punch to Printing Type: The Art and Craft of Hand Punchcutting and Typecasting.

      55. TYPE, LETTERING, AND CALLIGRAPHY, 1830-1940 (MONDAY-FRIDAY, 5-9 JULY). An examination of typefaces and related letterforms. Topics include: commercial typography and the evolution of decorative display types: Perrin, Whittingham, and the revival of old style typefaces; the types of the private presses; art nouveau; the artist and printmaker as letter designer; Edward Johnston and broad-pen calligraphy; type design for machine production; the American Typefounders Company, Mergenthaler Linotype, Monotype (in the USA and England); new types in Germany and France. This course continues the themes developed in T-50. Instructor: James Mosley.

      JAMES MOSLEY is Visiting Professor in the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication at the University of Reading. He retired as Librarian of the St Bride Printing Library in London in 1999. The founding editor of the Journal of the Printing Historical Society, he has written and lectured extensively on the history of European and English typography. In 2003 he received the annual award of the American Printing History Association for his contributions to printing history. He first taught this course at Rare Book School in 1990. It reenters the Rare Book School curriculum in 2004 after an absence of many years.

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