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Re: [bookartsconnection] January 19th meeting

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  • Jill Littlewood
    Hi Joyce and everyone, I m just back from a two week trip to the East Coast where I had the pleasure of viewing the Crane Papermaking Museum and their working
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 4, 2004
      Hi Joyce and everyone,

      I'm just back from a two week trip to the East Coast where I had the
      pleasure of viewing the Crane Papermaking Museum and their working mill.
      Crane is the company that makes our money and every time I pull a bill out
      of the washing machine I am grateful they make it so well. They also make
      beautiful stationary - traditionally it was white but recently they have
      been introducing colors: green from recycled money, blue from blue jean
      cuttings, and other lovely colors that are as strong and easy to write on as
      their other products. I was there to show some tests I am doing with their
      pulp - some craft things and some things that might get them to create an
      artist-in-residence program. It was great fun and I hope the future will
      bring further connection.

      The meeting on January 19th was well attended and the ideas flowed but
      finally it all comes down to who will do what. We decided that the best use
      of our energies was to rethink any schedule (since no one wanted to take on
      monthly meetings from Patrice and me) and just have the email group function
      as our connector whenever someone wants to do something. Angela Moll used
      this to good end when she invited us to create paper dolls with Pamela
      Hastings: she sent an email to the whole group asking if there was interest
      and several people emailed her personally. Then when Pamela's schedule was
      known she posted the date and details of the workshop and various people
      signed up and the workshop was a success. This seems to be the most viable
      way of proceeding for now. So if you, Joyce, or Sharon or anyone wants to
      invite a speaker or teacher this is the template for how to gauge interest.

      On a similar note, if someone wants to get a group together to do paste
      papers, bookbinding, printing or anything then they set a time, place and
      people show up. (If you want to know how many people are coming it helps to
      ask for RSVP's offline.) Several people suggested ideas for what they would
      like to do this spring and we will all get to see what comes up.

      We also talked about the website. Sara Norquay and Lisa Moore are working
      on getting it back up to speed. To keep it current they would love to get
      digital pictures of recent work from people. Sara mentioned that she may
      organize a bring-your-work-she-will-photograph-it day as she did once
      before. We are all so lucky to have Sara's expertise and the great space at
      Crane to use for our meetings once in awhile.

      As I mentioned before, my contribution to the group this spring is to work
      on the two person show called "Winged Women" I am opening with Brecia
      Kralovic on May 29th. I plan to make the biggest book I have ever done and
      show lots of work in paper. I will be sending invitations in April but if
      you want to you can pencil in May 29th from 3-7 on your calendars. I hope
      the work you see will be an inspiration.

      Joyce, I hope your healing is going well and you will soon be cavorting with


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      > Hi every bookartsconnection January get together attendee. Will one of
      > please post what discussion took place re the future direction of this
      > Those of us who were unable to attend would like to be kept in the loop.
      > thank you!
      > Joyce
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