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November 15th BAC meeting...

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  • Patrice Baldwin
    Y all: The last meeting of the year 2003 will be held at Jill Littlewood s place and I will do a short workshop on THE JAPANESE RECHOSO BINDING ta-daaa. This
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 8, 2003

      The last meeting of the year 2003 will be held at Jill Littlewood's
      place and I will do a short workshop on "THE JAPANESE RECHOSO BINDING"
      ta-daaa. This binding is straight from Japan (not by way of China),
      but it looks Western. It opens flat and can be very useful for
      functional books like journals or sketchbooks. Please bring a curved
      needle and some thread (linen, cotton or silk). I'll bring the rest.
      Also bring the usual desktop book tools.

      Now I'll let you in on what's been whizzing by me. Never a dull moment
      around here. I've decided to get out of California before I go
      completely broke. My house and studio are on the market as of
      yesterday. The other thing that's going on is that I've been invited
      to teach Western Book Arts at Heibei University in China for 5 months
      - Feb thru June 2004. I'm very excited about this!

      After I return from China I plan to go to Tucson AZ and buy a house
      and set up still another studio. Then I'll be back in biz.

      I'll be sad to leave the central coast friends I've made in the 3
      years I've been here. It's been a great adventure... now I'm off to
      turn over another page. Who knows, I may even just stay in China!

      I'll see y'all on the 15th at 1:00 at Jill's.

      Ta ta,


      P.S. If anyone is interested in teaching (mostly English) in China,
      you can contact CJ Shane <mailto:cjshane@...>. She books
      teachers all over China for short and long terms.
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