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Fw: World of Washi Newsletter Fall 2003, Volume 9 No. 4

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      Subject: World of Washi Newsletter Fall 2003, Volume 9 No. 4

      > Dear Hiromi Paper.com Subscribers,
      > Thank you for signing up for our e-mail nesletter, it's the best way to
      keep informed about our new products, sales, and events.
      > World of Washi Newsletter Fall 2003, Volume 9 No. 4
      > In this Newsletter:
      > 2. NEW ITEMS: Kyoto Deluxe Bookcloth, Small Handmade Washi, Nori Wheat
      Paste Packets, Flower Calendars.
      > 5. WASHI TOUR 2004
      > 1. M E S S A G E F R O M T H E E D I T O R S
      > Dear Member's Circle:
      > Welcome back from your summer vaction, we hope all of you had a great time
      off. Here at Hiromi Paper we have been busy getting ready for our annual
      sale, this year we will have a great selection of sale papers including
      newly added fine art papers and a good selection of World bookcloth. We also
      have very exciting news to share with you about an upcoming exhibit at the
      Japanese Friendship Garden in San Diego, and a Washi Tour for 2004. Read
      about them in the following pages.
      > 2. NEW ITEMS
      > We have added a selection of luxurious cotton bookcloth. These are the
      most luxurious and finely woven of the Japanese bookbinding fabrics. They
      can be used as accent element or to cover an entire book or box. Currently
      available in ten patterns, 27 1/2" & 39" wide. This product can be purchased
      in 1/4 and 1/2 yard pieces as well as by the yard. Prices are $46 & $68 per
      yard. Sample books will be available for $7.50.
      > We have added two new papers that are made from the finest Japanese
      materials available. The sheets are small and work well for printmaking,
      drawing and painting. Shojo-shi is a mixture of gampi and pulp. The sheet is
      12 3/4" x 17 3/4" at $4.00 per sheet. Kozo Gampi Torinoko is a mixture of
      gampi and kozo. The sheet is 8 1/2" x 12" at $5.00 per sheet.
      > NORI 100% Pure Wheat Hinging Paste
      > Finally, a precooked, ready to use, pure wheat starch paste for hinging
      art. Nori comes in individual use 5g foil packs that will remain sterile
      until opened. Nori paste is easily reversible. This is the only commercially
      available precooked wheat starch product that does not contain additives or
      preservatives. It is made with 100% pure premium food grade wheat starch and
      distilled water and cooked under sterile conditions. Meets all
      recommendations for hinging artwork world wide. 5g packets (Instructions
      Included) Each $2.00, 1 dozen (12) $1.50 each.
      > We are taking orders for next years popular Flower Calendars. Don't miss
      this opportunity. Each month is an individually handmade sheet with flower
      petal trim in assorted colors and flowers. They make great holiday and
      corporate gifts. Calendars are $25.00 each, enclosed in a plastic box and
      metal stand.
      > --------------------------------------------------------------------------
      > 3. Our Annual Sale is Coming! December 1-27, 2003
      > Don't miss your once a year opportunity to get great savings on handmade,
      decorative, and roll papers, plus lots, lots, more. This year we have added
      a great selection of bookcloth. & don't forget our ever popular $1 Dollar
      Box filled with a great selection of papers. Slightly damaged papers at 70%
      > Shop early for the Holidays! Be the first to get your hands on a great
      selection of unique handmade items such as: origami crane ornaments, wine
      bottle gift wraps, flower calendars, bookmarks, and a new supply of Thai
      stationery such as small deckled sheets, thank you cards, envelopes flowers,
      and lots more. Stop early to ensure best selection. Quantities are limited
      to stock on hand. All percentage savings are from suggested retail. Circle
      Membership does not apply to sale items.
      > Here is a partial list of sale items:
      > 50% OFF
      > DHM-9 Kozo Natural Uwazen
      > HP-10B Kaji Natural
      > HPV Onion Skin
      > HPV Daikon HM-28
      > Sugikawa
      > Chiri
      > Selected Yuzen
      > Mingei-shi
      > Mokuba 003S White
      > HP Calligraphy
      > Selected Kyoseishi
      > Selected Tashoku Unryu
      > Selected Unryu
      > 30% OFF
      > Selected Art Papers
      > Iwano 17-Echizen Layerd White
      > Yamada Hanga 1 Natural
      > Yamada Hanga 2 White
      > Yamada Hanga 3 Natural
      > KH-17 Tosa Hanga Natural
      > KH-18 Tosa Gekko
      > KH-61 Kozo Natural #8
      > HP-69 Masa
      > HP-72 Masa Waxed
      > KM-1 Shikoku Natural
      > KM-2 Shikoku White
      > KM-3 Shikoku Gampi Surface
      > MM-18 Gampi Natural Small, Large
      > Selected World Cloth Bookcloth
      > 30% OFF
      > Selected Conservation Papers
      > HM-3 Mino Gami
      > HM-36 Senka-shi Medium
      > HM-37 Senka-shi Thick
      > HM-41 Uda Gami Medium
      > UK-1 Urushikoshi
      > Kizuki Hosho
      > 30-50% OFF
      > Selected Roll Papers
      > New Kitikata Roll
      > Crown Paper Roll
      > Mulberry Natural 27" Roll
      > MM-18 Roll (Gampi Natural Roll)
      > Manryo Roll 5m (Ex Thick, Medium)
      > 4. Hiromi Paper is coming to San Diego...
      > WA S H I: A special exhibition at the Japanese Friendship Garden, Balboa
      > October 1 - December 28th 2003
      > Hiromi Paper International, Inc. has been invited to present an exhibit
      which showcasing washi and its versatile applications. We invited the
      Drachen Foundation (kites) and together we will be presenting fine examples
      of handmade papers including colored and textured papers, kites,
      contemporary lamps, scrolls, traditional pigment paintings, calligraphy on
      indigo paper, handmade books, and several other items portraying washi's
      legacy in both Japanese culture and in Western society. Several workshops
      are scheduled which will introduce visitors to the versatility of this
      traditional Japanese craft. The exhibition will take place at the Japanese
      Friendship Garden in Balboa Park, San Diego from September 30th through
      December 28th 2003.
      > The Japanese Friendship Garden named "San-Kei-En"... meaning "Three Scene
      Garden"... Water, Pastoral and Mountain. San-Kei-En is an expression of the
      ties between the people of San Diego and Yokohama and blends the two
      cultures to create a unique experience. The garden was named in honor of the
      San-Kei-En Garden in Yokohama. The Japanese Friendship Garden Society of San
      Diego has roots in the 1915 World Exposition. After the Exposition, strong
      community interest kept the Japanese Tea Pavilion open for thirty years
      within Balboa Park, San Diego's Culture Center. With the development of San
      Diego's Sister City relationship with Yokohama in 1950, forty years of gift
      exchanges followed, kindling feelings of shared ideals represented by the
      Japanese Garden.
      > [ Kitemaking For Kids ]
      > Saturday October 11th, 2003
      > 11 am - 1 pm
      > $10 Members, $15 Non Members
      > [ Kitemaking For Adults ]
      > Sunday October 12th, 2003
      > 11 am - 1 pm
      > $20 Members, $25 Non Members
      > [ Japanese Bookbinding ]
      > Learn two methods (Wacho & Orihon) of
      > traditional Japanese bindings using the
      > finest quality papers and materials available. (samples of bindings on
      display at JFG)
      > Saturday November 15th, 2003
      > 1st Session Orihon 10:30 am to 12:30 pm
      > $45
      > 2nd Session Wacho
      > 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm
      > $45
      > $80 for both bookbinding sessions,
      > memebers and non members.
      > To sign up and for more information contact www.niwa.org or 619-232-2721
      > 5. WASHI TOUR 2004
      > Visit beautiful, natural parts of Japan, seldom seen by tourists.
      Experience the papermaking culture, meet the people of two ancient capital
      cities, enjoy the local food, and relax in traditional Inns...
      > Hiromi Paper International, Inc. is happy to announce a special Washi tour
      in Japan. This tour will take you on a visit to papermakers, conservation
      studios and related artisans producing traditional materials tailored for
      conservation. The itinerary includes seven papermaking villages on Hoshu and
      Shikoku Islands which produce a variety of excellent traditional washi. In
      addition, you will visit the Paper Museum in Kochi, pigment and brush makers
      in the Kyoto area, a traditional mounting studio in the Kyoto National
      Museum and the Nara National Museum's Conservation Center. You will also
      have the opportunity to visit beautiful, natural and hidden parts of Japan,
      seldom seen by tourists. Experience the papermaking culture, meet the people
      of two of Japans ancient capital cities, enjoy local food, and relax in
      traditional Inns.
      > The tour will be guided by washi experts Hiromi Katayama of Hiromi Paper
      International, Inc. and Betty Fiske of the Winterthur Museum and University
      of Delaware Program in Art Conservation. Their experience with washi and
      with Japanese society will make the trip an even more rewarding experience.
      > The tour will take eleven days, from March 28, 2004 to April 6, 2004. The
      cost per person is $2450.00 US. This includes: ten nights stay at hotels or
      inns, tour transportation in a chartered mini-bus, nine dinners and six
      breakfasts; airfare is not included. The tour can accommodate a maximum of
      eight participants. If you are interested, please respond as soon as
      possible to reserve your space.
      > Day Prefecture Do or See:
      > 1- 3/28 (Sunday) Osaka Kansai Airport
      > 2- 3/29 (Monday) Kochi Tosa Washi
      > 3- 3/30 (Tuesday) Shimane Sekishu Washi
      > 4- 3/31 (Wednesday) Shimane Izumo Washi
      > 5- 4/1 (Thursday) Hyogo, Kyoto Najio paper, Kurodani Washi
      > 6- 4/2 (Friday) Fukui Echzen Washi
      > 7- 4/3 (Saturday) Gifu Mino Washi
      > 8- 4/4 (Sunday) Kyoto Free day
      > 9- 4/5 (Monday) Kyoto Conservation Studio visit, etc.
      > 10- 4/6 (Tuesday) Kyoto-Nara Day trip to Nara National Museum etc.
      > 11- 4/7 (Wednesday) Kyoto Farewell dinner
      > If you need further information, contact Hiromi Katayama at 310-998-0098
      or washi@....
      > 6. Calendar of Events | Upcoming Workshops!
      > This is a list of upcoming workshops hosted by Hiromi Paper International,
      Inc. Some dates, times and Instructors are not yet confirmed, please check
      our website regularly for further information. To register please call our
      toll free number: 1-866-HPWASHI(479-2744). Workshops are normally held in
      our retail shop in Santa Monica, except where listed.
      > KITE MAKING | Sunday October 19, 2003 | 12-3 pm
      > Join us for an afternoon of traditional Japanese kite making with Nobuhiko
      Yoshizumi of Kyoto, Japan. Nobuhiko Yoshizumi has been crafting exquisite
      miniature kites for years. From complex and detailed hawk kites to simple
      and elegant kimono-shaped kites, Yoshizumi-san works on a small scale that
      takes years of patience and practice to perfect. An active member of the
      Kyoto Kite Association and the International Friends of Small Kites
      organization, Yoshizumi-san shares his expertise freely. To communicate with
      his fellow kite makers around the globe, Yoshizumi-san uses detailed
      drawings that eliminate the need for language. $40.00 per person, most
      materials included. All skill levels.
      > November 2003 | Bookbinding with Allwyn O'mara | Sunday November 9, 2003 |
      1-4 pm
      > Join us as Allwyn O'mara demonstrates how to design your own traditional
      13th C. style journal with pockets, using traditional Japanese papers and
      cloth sewen with tape. Allwyn O'Mara is a book engineer and a long time
      Hiromi Paper member. She provides book binding and structural design
      services for book artists and fine press publishers. Ms. O'Mara lives in
      Burbank, California. $45.00, most materials included. All skill levels.
      > --------------------------------------------------------------------------
      > Important: Registration for workshops begins immediately. To register,
      please call Hiromi Paper at least 1 month in advance of class date, as
      classes fill up fast. 8 or more people are required for workshop to take
      place. A confirmation letter will be sent two weeks prior to day of
      workshop. Refund Policy: Cancellations at least two weeks in advance will
      receive a full refund. Cancellation afterwards results in full loss of
      registration fees. Please call for further information or check our website.
      > ________________________________________________________________
      > The World of Washi newsletter is published quarterly by Hiromi Paper
      Internaional, Inc., 2525 Michigan Avenue Bergamot Station Art Center, G-9
      Santa Monica, CA 90404 Tel: (310) 998-0098 Fax: (310) 998-0028
      e-mail: washi@... website: www.hiromipaper.com
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