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April Meeting Info

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  • Lisa D Moore
    Hi, Everyone! Thanks for your posting Jill, we ll miss you! It s Lisa & I m giving the demonstration next month, Sat. April 22nd, 1-4pm, at Virginia s home.
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 28, 2002
      Hi, Everyone!

      Thanks for your posting Jill, we'll miss you!
      It's Lisa & I'm giving the demonstration next month, Sat. April 22nd, 1-4pm, at Virginia's home. Once again, the address is 2014 Garden St., 2nd house from the corner of Mission & Garden Streets. It is not far from Jill's, where we've had the forst 3 meetings. There is a planted "couch" growing in the front yard, of bulbs, I believe, which may not be in bloom at that time. Please bring water and a snack of finger food for yourself, if you wish.

      If you need further directions, you can reach our host at 563-9435, or leave me a message at 969-0872.

      The Project:
      I thought since the issue of content was brought up at March�s meeting, I would propose a binding which combines opportunities for journaling in both text and image. The structure has been independently devised by at least three people I�m aware of. The form I learned, in 1995, from Scott McCarney, is called "Interstate", taught to him by John Wood. A similar version is also known as "Slot and Tab", which is described in Alisa Golden�s first instructive publication, Creating Handmade Books ( where she discusses varying origins of the binding.)
      Some notable qualities are that it can open flat and that it is a non-adhesive, exposed binding made without sewing.

      Requirements for a hand sized book, approx 4.25" x 5.5":

      2 sets of contrasting papers but preferably of similar weights. (Almost any kind of paper that can take a crease will work.) A minimum of 8 sheets, cut or torn to 5.5" x 8.5" of lined or writing-conducive paper and 8 sheets blank, sketch, or decorative papers, please bring equal or similar weights, or bring two to four times as many sheets of the thinner or lighter paper)

      For optional covers, bring 2 sheets of desired cover paper, 5.5" x 12 �".

      Scissors* - hefty enough to cut through 2 thicknesses of the papers you choose.

      Ruler (and/or a drafting triangle, under 12" recommended)
      Bone Folder
      Scrap paper

      *Virginia has requested minimal knife cutting, so we'll be using scissors only.

      I will be handing out Jill's flyers re: the exhibit held over Memorial Day weekend, "So-Called Books", as well.

      If you have any other questions, let me know:

      Lisa Moore

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