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  • Patrice Baldwin
    Hey, many thanks for the kudos. We really had great fun that weekend. I have my workshop schedule for the summer: July 19/20 I ll be doing the Eccentric
    Message 1 of 2 , May 16, 2003
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      Hey, many thanks for the kudos. We really had great fun that weekend.

      I have my workshop schedule for the summer:

      July 19/20 I'll be doing the Eccentric Contemporary Book Structures
      again. I hope you'll try it out.

      August 3 I'm doing a Basic Bookbinding for Beginners. We'll produce
      four basic structures plus as many variations as there is time for.
      You will learn cutting, glueing, folding and how to use all the tools
      on the bookbinder's desk.

      August 9/10 will be "Icorporating Text in Your Book" This workshop
      will take you through the process from three different starting
      places. Beginning with the text first, then with the title only, then
      with only a structure in mind, you will design three books. We will
      discuss copyrights, appropriate papers and type faces for each one. We
      will also make our own designs for the covering materials. For
      bookmakers with a little experience making books.

      August 23 I will take you through the many variations of the "Side
      Stab Structure" that have such manifold diversity. Special decorative
      side sewings, hard and soft cover books for special uses, Japanese
      styles and Western adaptations.

      September 20 is the repeat of the ever-popular "Working With Leather
      Fearlessly." We will see exactly what leather will do when poked and
      prodded, sliced and skived. You'll be surprised!

      October 11/12 We will do "Edition Book Production." This workshop is
      for people who want to produce editions to sell (as in 'make money!').
      For those with some bookmaking experience. We will produce two (very)
      limited editions and learn the process of production from idea to

      Hope to see some of you Central Coasters in LA this summer!



      > Those of you who missed Patrice Baldwin's Eccentric Bindings class
      > last weekend need to move heaven and earth to make sure you sign up
      > for the next session! Patrice had a few decades' worth of sample books
      > for us to look at and then she just sort of turned us loose to use the
      > ideas we got from them. She has so many examples that you could take
      > this class over and over and never make the same book twice (I
      > certainly plan to take it again!). And if you are attracted by
      > miniature books, you absolutely must take her class!
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