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Re: Thank You/ Ideas for Meetings

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  • Patrice Baldwin <patbooks@mindspring.com>
    Thanks Jill. I ve printed all your good ideas out and will pursue them as soon as I can. I HOPE THERE S SOMEONE WHO LIVES IN SB WHO LL HELP WITH CONTACTING
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 1, 2003
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      Thanks Jill. I've printed all your good ideas out and will pursue them


      > Please send your thanks to Pat Baldwin (patbooks@m...) for taking on
      the monthly meetings and shower her with ideas. Living in Santa Maria
      and being fairly new to our area she needs us to give her contact
      people and their phone/email information every time we suggest something.
      > This would be best done directly to her at the email address above
      because individuals might not want their contact information posted to
      our group and thereby to the whole world.
      > Here are a few of my ideas for future meetings:
      > Art From Scrap is a wonderful place and Kay is both informative and
      welcoming. Their upstairs space is great for a meeting and then we
      can shop amidst their recycled treasures downstairs. Their recent
      shows of assemblage and collage have been great - they might be
      receptive to a book arts show.
      > Phone:(805) 884-0459.......email:afs@c... site: www.artfromscrap.org
      > I would love to highlight some of our local book artists by asking
      them to tell us about themselves and their work. Wouldn't you love to
      see a whole bunch of Karen Thomas' origami? Sally Timlin's witty
      pieces? Bill McVicar's work? Margaret Matson's amazing paper
      dresses? Jean Marie Seaton's unbelievabele ten-years-in-the-making
      book? It is always inspiring to know how someone became fascinated by
      this world of paper, books, and whatever else they mix it with.
      > As to places to do this in, Virginia Gardner has offered us
      occasional meeting space in the building the University Women use, a
      beautiful building close to Alice Keck Park. Joyce Resnik has offered
      her lovely beach place for a meeting or two once it is warmer. Gianna
      de Girolamo-Gaudio said we can meet in her rec room again. The Ridley
      Tree was allowing the Santa Barbara Book Arts Alliance to use their
      rooms to meet in - perhaps they would welcome us as well.
      > Pam Maines and Lisa Moore both have been on the trail of getting us
      in to see books at UCSB. They have a fabulous collection of artist's
      books at the Art Library.
      > There are two groups in town I would love to see us meet with: the
      Art Teachers and the S.B. Calligraphy Association. The art teachers
      could tell us what might be useful for their classes and we could show
      or design books for them to teach at all levels of learning. Judy
      Nilsen is active in that group and in ours, as is Sara Norquay (who
      has offered to show printing techniques to the group over the summer
      > The calligraphers have amazing and beautiful skills and it would be
      wonderful to ask them to show us their work. In turn we could show
      them ideas for how to showcase these beauties in book forms. (I have
      a resource person for this but I would want to check out her interest
      > I hope this inspires other readers to throw their ideas in the ring.
      > Jill Littlewood
      > jill@l...
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