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monthly meeting

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  • Jill Littlewood
    Hello everyone- By now I assume everyone knows that Pat is okay, having survived some ghastly dental surgery, and that she will be at the next meeting and give
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22, 2002
      Hello everyone-

      By now I assume everyone knows that Pat is okay, having survived some ghastly dental surgery, and that she will be at the next meeting and give a demonstration at that meeting. (For anyone new to this email group, Pat Baldwin has suggested that at each meeting one member give a demonstration -it can be very simple - and she has agreed to start us off by giving the first one herself.)

      The second of our monthly meetings is scheduled for February 16th, from noon to 3:00, at my house (435 E. Pedregosa). It was decided last time to establish a regular time for meetings so the third Saturday of every month was chosen. We can alter the time of day but I would like to settle on something and stick to it so people who fall away can drop back in again with ease. If noon to 3:00 works for a majority then that will become our time slot.

      As to food, how about if everyone brings some finger food to share? I will do drinks.

      The meeting on January 12th was wonderful for me. I counted 26 people when we were all sitting around introducing ourselves. The variety of interests reaffirmed my sense that the book arts are attracting vibrant artists. I love the idea that we will inspire and encourage each other.

      Speaking of encouragement, Sally Timlin's class at Adult Ed. is the joy of my week - it has something like 40 people in it and all with fabulous energy. As always, Sally's spirit of play is infectious and I think some amazing work is going to be generated.

      I am still developing the idea of a Book Arts Festival the weekend of I Madonnari, which is Memorial Day weekend ( the last weekend of May). "Developing" means I am guarding the space on my calendar and I am musing on what fun it will be to finally see each other's work. I just mention it here because I hope people will begin to think about putting their work in the gallery. It will be an open show, no jurying, with sales up to artist. I want everyone to feel the breadth of our communities interests and efforts. I also want new people to be encouraged by those of us who have been doing this work awhile. I know books are tricky to display and often fragile to the point where too much touching hurts them. Hopefully we can find a happy medium between work that is behind barriers and things that can be played with.

      The BIG BOOK (32' by 8') I mentioned in my last email is indeed going to be shown at the Channing Peake Gallery from Feb. 25th to March 15th. The reception is on Friday, March 1st, from 5:00 to 7:00. This book was begun as a millenium celebration - we called it the Thresh Hold project because of our befief that this is the threshold to a new time, a new consciousness. I hope the book arts community comes out to celebrate with us!

      And now to bed. My dad is visiting, my in-laws arrive in two days, my kids need help with homework before I conk out. Life is certainly full.........

      Jill Littlewood

      P.S. To get to my house: from Highway 101, get on Mission Ave. heading towards The Old Mission. At State St. make a right, go one block, turn left on Pedregosa, and go five blocks until you see the street begin to go uphill. I am the last house on the left hand side, behind a wall of trees. The meeting is in the studio in the back. My phone is 898-9260. The meetings starts at noon; bring food to share.

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