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  • Angela Harkavy
    Thanks Pat for the announcement. I gather there will be no problem publishing it on the GBW Newsletter. Angela. ... Angela Oliveira Harkavy , Friends of the
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 27, 2002
      Thanks Pat for the announcement. I gather there will be no problem
      publishing it on the GBW Newsletter. Angela.

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      >I got this from Dawn Henney of the LABAC. It sounds very interesting.
      >From: BOOKMOBILE-MOBILIVRE info <info@...>
      >Subject: MOBILIVRE-BOOKMOBILE Call for Submissions 2003
      >TOUR 2003 SUBMISSION DEADLINE: POSTMARK BY February 1, 2003
      >The BOOKMOBILE has finished its tour and is getting ready to do it all
      >again. We would sincerely like to thank all the artists that
      >graciously let
      >us take their books on tour, all the host venues and any visitors that
      >and helped make our tour a success. A major shout out goes out to all
      >of you
      >from the MOBILIVRE-BOOKMOBILE Collective!
      >In Spring 2003, a new collection of 300 book works will hit the road in a
      >converted vintage Airstream trailer and visit community centres, schools,
      >festivals, artist-run centres, libraries, and book stores all over North
      >America. Since its debut tour in 2001, the BOOKMOBILE has enjoyed great
      >success as an annual touring exhibition of artist books, zines and
      >independent publications. Organized by a collective, the project travels
      >across the United States and Canada visiting public spaces and attracting
      >audiences in many urban and rural communities.
      >Now the time has come to invite you to participate once again. Yes,
      >its time
      >for our annual CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS. Please send us your artist books,
      >and independent publications in time for our FEBRUARY 1st deadline to
      >the US
      >or Canadian address. The books will be juried in February and we will let
      >you know in March whether your work has been accepted. All submissions
      >include return postage (SASE, or cash, cheque or money order made out to
      >BOOKMOBILE) for the return of your submission. If you do not include money
      >for return postage, please consider your work to be a donation to the
      >BOOKMOBILE. You will find the 2003 submission form attached to this
      >Please circulate this email to anyone you think would be interested in
      >submitting to the project or hosting the BOOKMOBILE.
      >If you have any suggestions for venues or would like more information
      >on how
      >to host a Bookmobile visit in your area please contact us via email:
      >For more information on the project check out our website:
      >Thanks for your support,
      >Much love,
      >The MOBILIVRE-BOOKMOBILE collective
      >C.P. 42062, Montreal, QC H2W 2T3 Canada
      >1026 Arch Street, Philadelphia PA 19107 USA
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