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  • Angela Harkavy
    Hi Lisa, Great tip. Do you mind if I publish it on the Guild of Book Workers Newsletter?, with credit. Thanks, Angela Angela Oliveira Harkavy 4034 Doneva Rd.
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 15, 2002
      Hi Lisa,
      Great tip. Do you mind if I publish it on the Guild of Book Workers
      Newsletter?, with credit. Thanks, Angela

      Angela Oliveira Harkavy
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      >Hi, Jason, Email attachments are not permitted for this Yahoo!Group so your
      >image didn't make it. If you really want to post the diagram, the group URL
      >is: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bookartsconnection/ (and then upload it
      >to the Files folder, link @ the left hand frame of the webpage.)
      >Your question is about impositon layouts for which you may not have to look
      >farther than a word processor or desktop publishing software. And almost
      >any basic bookbinding or older printers' manual has diagrams with details
      >of how to imposition a codex.
      >Programs like MSWord have templates for creating pamphlets or booklets as
      >do many desktop publishing applications. These require only an input of the
      >number of pages to printout signatures & can be a simple way to determine
      >pagination by printing a mock-up, or making one by hand. By Hand: Take a
      >several sheets of paper, fold each in half or fold pairs etc. at a time,
      >stack these folios in a pile and label the cover and pages sequentially.
      >Separate the sheets and you have the proper sequence for one layout.
      >If by computer, all the content can be entered and when the booklet format
      >is applied, the sequence can be pre-proofed by clicking Print Preview, or
      >an equivalent command. Then edit as desired until the layout is correct. Be
      >sure the page orientation matches the printer settings and print a draft to
      >proof. Make any other adjustments and print away.
      >Copy shops that offer printing & binding services may give assistance too.
      >Hope this is helpful, Lisa
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