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  • Tom & Judy Nilsen
    Jill I d like to send you a note regarding yesterday, but I don t have your personal e-mail. The whole book arts groups doesn t need to read my thank you to
    Message 1 of 7 , Dec 9, 2002
      Jill I'd like to send you a note regarding yesterday, but I don't have your personal e-mail. The whole book arts groups doesn't need to read my thank you to you. Please let me know if you have another address. Judy Nilsen
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      From: Jill Littlewood
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      Sent: Friday, December 06, 2002 6:04 AM
      Subject: [bookartsconnection] Sunday sale

      Hi everyone, I've just resurfaced from a bout of the flu on top of my annual sale of Afghan women's handcrafts. I'm still struggling with the former but the latter was a huge success: we made $8,450 last Sunday in my backyard.

      I can't promise anything like that for this coming Sunday's sale of ornaments/holiday papers/gifts but if anyone I haven't heard from wants to join in, here is what you need to know:

      If you have things to hang on a tree (like origami ornaments) please come Saturday the 7th and set your things up. If you just have a few things in a basket come on Sunday at 9:00 and help set up tables, food, whatever. We are open for sales from 10:00 to 4:00.

      To handle the money for a group of twelve (possibly more) the procedure is this: come with a total of what you would get if everything you are bringing sold. At the end of the day you will count up what didn't sell and subtract that from your original total. Everything should be priced clearly so customers and our tellers can quickly tell what you are charging. Checks can be made out to Littlewood Studios (and I will pay you in cash at the end of the day) but no one has the capacity to take credit cards.

      The only overhead is to pay my two sons $10 to work all day taking money. They have always been excellent help at the RAWA Afghan women's sale and I think they will do a good job here. This leaves me free to troubleshoot and socialize and you free to chat with all the friends you have invited.

      Bring some food and/or drink to share with the throngs of holiday shoppers. We will be setting up a little cafe area where you can sit and schmooze with family, friends and each other. If you have a way to package your delicate creations bring these too. We will have some bags and tissue paper but we want our customers to get their goodies home safely so think what your items might need and provide that.

      If it rains, save all the wonderful things for the Memorial Day book show or for next years holiday sale. If it rains we are sunk. My tiny gallery can only accommodate a small group of artist's work and I know of a dozen people coming to sell as it is.


      As to the folks who put up obnoxious postings, it just reminds me what a splendid job you do Karen. We have been running just over a year and this is the first time anyone has gotten past your eagle eyes. I vote to change only if Karen wants to. I want us to be open to unexpected surprises of the good kind (like Konstantin Mihov, the 16 year old Bulgarian bookbinder and fountain pen collector who contacted us awhile back) because it intrigues me to think that we are connected around the world in some undefinable way.


      I would like to float this idea for our January meeting: meet at the dolphin fountain at Stearns Warf with some paper, pens, and colored pencils or tiny watercolor set. Wander around for an hour or so and meet back at Hot Spots, the coffee shop a half bock up State St. to make a book from what you have seen, written, found, collected, traded, bought, or otherwise engaged in. We could do solo books, wander in groups or pairs, or have the books be passed from artist to artist so they are collaborative. If the weather is bad we could do the same thing at the Museum of Art at Anapamu and State. (Good food and coffee there!)

      If anyone has another idea let's do that and keep this idea in reserve. In March, Maxine Seelenbinder-Apke would like to show us her large works of handmade paper and I will set up papermaking at my studio for everyone to do.

      Happy holidays and I hope to see you Sunday--------

      Jill Littlewood
      435 E. Pedregosa - a few blocks south of the old Mission; the cross street is Laguna

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