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Fwd: Women Expanding Their Borders, an art exhibit call for entries

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  • Lisa Moore
    Art Exhibit opportunity! Below is the original forward I received, my emailed question, and the reply... Women Expanding Their Borders (forward from Linda S.)
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 11, 2002
      Art Exhibit opportunity! Below is the original
      forward I received, my emailed question, and the

      Women Expanding Their Borders (forward from Linda S.)
      Oct. 17 to Dec. 7

      **Opening Reception: Oct. 17 from 5-8:00 p.m.**

      Women of Santa Barbara will be expressing their own
      understanding of borders in this multi-media exhibit
      at the Women s Center Art Gallery. This exhibit will
      coincide with the Women Beyond Borders: Building a
      Global Community Exhibition at the University Art
      Museum. The Women Expanding Their Borders exhibit
      will largely feature the small boxes created during
      a Women s Center-sponsored workshop Oct. 10 from
      noon-5. The Women s Center Art Gallery is looking
      for art of any media centered on the theme of Women
      Expanding Their Borders to be presented alongside
      this display. We welcome any and all women artists
      to submit their work for consideration in the

      Please submit a short statement about how your work
      relates to the theme, along with your contact
      information and a reproduction of your art work (no
      originals, please) as well as a self-addressed
      stamped envelope.

      All work should be submitted to:

      Women s Center Art Gallery
      Bldg. 434
      Santa Barbara, CA 93106-7190
      Deadline for submissions: October 10th by 5:00 p.m.

      If you have any questions please contact the art
      gallery curator:
      Nicole DeGuzman
      805) 893-3778
      email: artforwomen@...

      Border n 1: a line that indicates a boundary 2: the
      boundary line or the area immediately inside the
      boundary 3: the boundary of a surface; v 1: extend
      on all sides of simultaneously; encircle 2: form the
      boundary of; be contiguous to 3: enclose in or as if
      in a frame.

      From: Lisa \(Aka. artboox\)
      Sent: 9/10/2002 6:42:17 PM
      To: artforwomen@...
      Subject: Question re: Women Expanding Their Borders

      Dear Nicole DeGuzman,
      The "Women Expanding Their Borders" exhibit sounds
      wonderful! What are the requirements for the
      reproduction of our art work? Are printed scans,
      photocopies, photo prints, as well as slides
      acceptable? I will pass this info along in a posting
      to an artists' group I belong to, of primarily women.

      I look forward to seeing these exhibits!
      Thank you for your time,
      Lisa Moore

      Reply from: UCSB Women's Art Gallery Curator

      Wow, I am very excited to hear your enthusiasm!
      Thanks for your interest. A reproduction of any
      type is really acceptable. I have lowered the
      restrictions that we usually have (resume, slides,
      etc.) to encourage more submissions. So even a
      xerox will do!
      Thank you for your help.
      Nicole DeGuzman
      UCSB Women's Center Art Gallery
      Building 434,
      Santa Barbara, CA 93106
      Tel: (805) 893-3778
      E-mail: artforwomen@...
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