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Saturday Workshops

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  • patbooks2000
    Y all: SATURDAY WORKSHOPS Beginning October 19, 26, November 2, 16, 30. After re-reading this, I realized the 19th might be the Book Group meeting date, and I
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 8, 2002

      Beginning October 19, 26, November 2, 16, 30. After re-reading this, I
      realized the 19th might be the Book Group meeting date, and I don't
      want to upstage THAT! So we'll go for the 26th first.

      I have planned twelve one-day workshops to be held at my studio in
      Santa Maria. They will run from 1:00 to 5:00 and each one will be $48
      + $15 materials fee. I require a five person minimum attendance. To
      secure a place in any workshop, the $48 must be sent to me by 2 weeks
      before the workshop date. 1505 Buckskin Dr, Santa Maria CA 93454.

      Here's how I'm going to work it: Look over the list of workshops
      below, and choose which ones you would like to attend. Email me
      (patbooks@...) right away to let me know your choices. The
      workshop with the most sign-ups will be first - on October 26th, and
      second most on the 2nd and so on. (These dates are negotiable) I want
      to make this easy for you all. Pass this notice on to anyone you think
      would be interested.

      "1-2-3" - One, two and three section structures. Most everyone knows
      how to manage a single section, but adding a hard cover may be a new
      problem. Then what is an easy solution to the 2 section book? Three
      sections are too few to sew in the traditional style - so.....
      WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Case bind 1 and 2 section books and a special 3
      section structure.
      "SINGLE PAGE FOLD STRUCTURES" - Book pages that are made from multiple
      folds of one sheet of paper can be combined with added elements to
      make a whole book. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Various page folds plus
      additions and fold-outs. How to plan and layout your text printing.

      of ways of sewing a multiple section book together whether for a flat
      back spine or rounded spine. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Preparation of the
      text block and some sewing variations for different spine effects.
      "JAPANESE RECHOSO BINDING" - This structure is the only truly Japanese
      binding I know of (the rest are taken from Chinese bindings). However,
      it looks very Western!. It opens quite flat and is NOT side stab. A
      good binding to know.
      WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Preparation and sewing sequence. Covering and
      finishing this interesting binding.
      "WORKING WITH LEATHER - FEARLESSLY" - Many people are too cautious to
      tackle leather for their bindings. In reality, leather is one of the
      most forgiving materials to work with, and it offers a long list of
      treatments for various effects.
      WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: To score, shape, cut, carve, onlay, inlay, slice,
      emboss, stamp, dye, sculpt, fold and LOVE leather.

      "ECCENTRIC ACCORDION VARIATIONS" - Accordion structures allow lots of
      leeway for adding variety to a book as length of text, separate text
      sections, fold-outs etc.
      WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Some wild accordion variations.
      "ECCENTRIC SIDE-STAB STRUCTURES" - There are many uses for the side
      stab book - journals, ledgers, single sheet bindings etc. This
      traditional Japanese/Chinese style has much to offer. WHAT YOU WILL
      LEARN: Soft and hard cover Western variations to the side stab structure.
      "CAOUTCHOUC!" Gesundheidt. Thank you. It's a wonderful French word
      that simply means "perfect binding" to us. And THAT means binding
      single sheets along a spine. This structure solves many problems when
      a folded section is not available for some reason. WHAT YOU WILL
      LEARN: Binding securely single sheets into a text block and casing in.
      "SLIP CASE VARIATIONS" - Some book structures, like the energetic
      accordion, need gentle containment. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Part and
      whole slip case building for books that don't necessarily need to be
      fully boxed. A decorative addition to display a book.
      "POCKET BOOKS" - Structures that allow added materials - separate
      pages of text, graphics, pictures, mementos etc. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN:
      Various ways to make frames, pockets and hiding places for inclusions
      in a book.
      "FAUX COPTIC" - A simpler and quicker look-alike of the traditional
      Coptic spine sewing. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: The sequence and sewing of
      this interesting and useful structure.
      "DELUXE TRAVEL JOURNAL" - The carry-all journal that gives you room
      for everything you want to remember on your trips. WHAT YOU WILL
      LEARN: Construct a pocketed and layered book for maps, pictures,
      mementos etc.in a leather wrap-around case.

      I hope you will take advantage of these workshops now that most people
      are settled in for Fall and Winter. Let me know which ones are the
      most popular, and we'll do them first!


      Patrice Baldwin
      (that's mindspring.com)
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