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In Santa Barbara, CA: papermaking, marbling, and book classes

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  • Jill Littlewood
    Dear Friends, Over the years many of my friends have asked me to inform them about hand papermaking events here in Santa Barbara. I am hosting a conference
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 13, 2011
      Dear Friends,

      Over the years many of my friends have asked me to inform them about hand papermaking events here in Santa Barbara. I am hosting a conference here in October for 50-60 hand papermakers. Before the conference we will have classes that you can join whether or not you come to the conference.

      The classes below take place before the Friends of Dard Hunter conference at the Old Mission on October 21-23. For information about the conference, please go to: http://www.friendsofdardhunter.org/western.html or the Friends website: www.friendsofdardhunter.org
      Workshops with Andrea Peterson

      For more information about the instructor or to register for classes, please contact Andrea Peterson at hookpotterypaper.com.

      Papermaking Studio: The Large Sheet 2-D and 3-D
      October 18-20, 10:00am-4:00pm

      This workshop will explore the phenomena of the large sheet. We will explore how to make large sheets in your own home studio/backyard by yourself. In this workshop we will be utilizing a 22" x 30" mould and deckle, but Andrea uses the same process for 48" x 72" paper art works. This process doesn�t need a press or a drying system to achieve fat gorgeous sheets or works of art. We will make large sheets that we will apply fnely beaten pigmented cotton pulp onto as well as making a photographic pulp stencil of our own that will be used during the workshop. Some of the large sheets of high-shrink abaca that we make will be air-dried and these will be utilized for sculptural forms. This is a high-paced workshop packed with all kinds of information and hands-on for the beginner and advanced papermaker artist.

      Fee: $300.00, all materials included

      Suminagashi on Handmade Paper
      October 20, 7:00pm-9:30pm

      Explore suminagashi on a variety of paper fbers. Suminagashi the art of foating ink on water in concentric rings that can drift and migrate with a gentle touch of the wind. In this short workshop come and create amazing sumi ink patterns on handmade papers: abaca, kozo, wheatstraw, cotton and hay.

      Fee: $100.00, all materials included

      Workshops with Peter Thomas

      Pre-register by email and then send a check to: Peter Thomas, 260 Fifteenth Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95062.
      Nested Accordion Book
      October 21, 12:30pm-4:00pm

      Peter will teach a book arts class where participants will make a nested accordion book, a book developed by Peter and Donna Thomas. Learn about bookbinding or hone your skills while creating your own interesting variations of this binding structure. No previous experience is necessary. All tools and materials will be provided, but feel free to bring your own paper to substitute for those provided and art supplies to embellish your creation.

      Fee: $35.00, all materials included

      Hope you can make it to one of these.

      Jill Littlewood

      President, Friends of Dard Hunter

      435 E. Pedregosa
      Santa Barbara, CA, 93103, USA
      805-898-9260 (home)
      805-448-2045 (mobile)

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