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drawing class this spring

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  • Jill Littlewood
    From: santabarbara printmakers Date: December 26, 2008 11:20:45 AM PST To: sbprintmakers@yahoo.com Subject: calling all drawers
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      From: santabarbara printmakers <sbprintmakers@...>

      Date: December 26, 2008 11:20:45 AM PST

      To: sbprintmakers@...

      Subject: calling all drawers

      Pamela Zwehl-Burke teaches Art 123 Figure Drawing/Anatomy at SBCC (on the
      hill not the Schott Center!) credit program, Tuesdays, 11:15-4:05, class
      start January 27 (I think). The class will be structured to look at basic
      drawing conventions, drawing to investigate form, basic human anatomy, and,
      finally, making figure drawings which document structure and surface. We
      will start with our own body consciousness, learn what to look for when
      "picturing" external form, how to organize what we know and see into
      expressive drawings.

      Pamela needs 4 more people for the Figure Drawing/Anatomy class for the
      Spring semester or the class may be dropped. It's a fantastic class (having
      taken it myself several years ago), great for brushing up on your anatomy
      but also to learn it formally if you haven't already. I can't speak highly
      enough of the energy that Pamela brings to her teaching. She is retired and
      only teaching this one semester class.. for those of you who missed being a
      student of hers now is your chance to experience the enthusiasm and skill
      first hand.

      Check out the course schedule HERE
      <https://bannerportal.sbcc.edu/pls/prod/pw_pub_sched.p_listthislist> and
      apply online HERE

      Happy New Year,

      <http://www.sbprintmakers.blogspot.com/> Nicole Strasburg & Sara Norquay
      Co-Chairs, Santa Barbara Printmakers
      Don't forget to check in with the BLOG
      <http://www.sbprintmakers.blogspot.com/> for updates on classes and shows
      Website: www.sbprintmakers.com


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