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Fwd: reply to your questions about Palin

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  • Sally Timlin Cherry
    Hi all, Please forgive me if this information doesn t pertain to you or if you ve already made up your mind about who you ll be voting for on election day. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 15, 2008
      Hi all,
      Please forgive me if this information doesn't pertain to you or if you've already made up your mind about who you'll be voting for on election day. I recently forwarded the Kilkenny letter about� republican vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, to a friend who then emailed the author to verify its authenticity before sending it around. While I haven't (yet) verified the accuracy of the statements made, I can now at least verify its authenticity. So if you're interested in hearing what Alaskan resident, Anne Kilkenny, has to say about Sarah Palin, then read on...

      P.S. Last day to register to vote is just around the corner. Register and be heard!

      Subject: Fwd: reply to your questions about Palin
      To: (I took out my friend's name and email to protect her privacy)
      Date: Monday, September 15, 2008, 11:16 AM

      I just
      received this response from the Alaskan citizen, Anne Kilkenny, who wrote the letter about Palin. I am impressed with her level of committed involvement. Way to go, Anne!

      From: Anne Kilkenny <annekilkenny@...>Date: September 15, 2008 1:02:49 PM CDTTo: undisclosed-recipients:;Subject: reply to your questions about Palin


      Thank you for emailing me with your thoughts and questions about Sarah Palin.
      Some of you have waited for days for my reply; I apologize for my slow response, but I have received over 12,000 emails and I have just not been able to keep up.

      Who am I?
      I am the writer of an email dated 8/31/08 about Sarah Palin that �went viral�. SOME PEOPLE HAVE RECENTLY RECEIVED A DISTORTED, EDITED VERSION OF THIS EMAIL. I urge you to go to the website listed below to see what I actually wrote (with an addendum I wrote on Sept 9th).


      On Sept 4th, I asked the Anchorage Daily News if they would post on their website my original email. I asked them to do this for several reasons: 1) they are the largest newspaper in Alaska, 2) they are not aligned with either party, 3) I was being told that people were changing what I wrote, and 4) --importantly--they know me. When I go to City Council meetings
      there is always a reporter from the Anchorage Daily News there; they can verify that I am a resident of Wasilla and frequently to go City Council and other meetings.

      I HAVE NEVER BLOGGED. I DO NOT HAVE A WEBSITE. If you find other things with my name attached, it is campaign dirty tricks.

      I am not working for either campaign, however, by now I assume they both are aware of my letter. Nobody connected with either campaign suggested that I write my email, nobody has paid me, and nobody has asked me to stop answering my email. Sitting next to my keyboard as I type, however, is the most beautiful bouquet of flowers which were sent to me by a total stranger in Conneticut in appreciation for the time I put into writing it!

      I am a fiscal conservative and social liberal. I believe that government serves an important function in society: doing for the common good what individuals and the private sector cannot. Primary government
      responsibilities include infrastructure and guardianship of our rights.

      How & why did I write my email?
      My piece about Sarah Palin evolved over a 3 day period in response to questions I got from friends and relatives who live outside Alaska. By the afternoon of the 3rd day I was getting replies from friends of friends of friends--in other words, people who didn't know me--and they were asking "Who are you?" and "Why did you write this?", so I added those sections to my email and then sent it out to about 30 people on my email list with whom I had not yet communicated. Within a couple of hours a friend of a friend of a friend posted it AGAINST MY WISHES on a website. From there, it was posted on numerous other websites.

      I had no idea it would "go viral". For years, I had drafted PTA newsletters that went electronically to hundreds of people, and THEY never went viral! In fact, I have reason to believe most of the time they weren�t
      even read! ha!

      How do I know anything?
      I have been a Wasilla resident since 1981. I went to many City Council meetings, because in 1996-7 I was the author of a new chapter in the city of Wasilla Municipal Code, and it took a year to shepherd this new code through the City Council. (It passed unanimously). After that, I went to meetings periodically: when there was something on the agenda of interest to me and around election-time.

      Wasilla has a strong mayor form of government; the mayor is full-time.

      What�s happening?
      I am inundated with email, but I am still trying to reply to as many as I can; I am way behind. I�m sorry for the length of this, but with over 12,000 emails I�ve had to draft an �omnibus� reply.

      How can you verify the truth of what I wrote?
      Many people have asked me if what I have written is true. Your request for facts to check is appropriate and fair, however with over 12,000 emails to
      answer, I do not have the time to supply all the information you would need to substantiate everything I have written. I have become aware of some factual, grammatical, and personal errors which are identified in the addendum, but none of these errors substantially change what I wrote. These errors are addressed in the addendum to my email which is posted on the Anchorage Daily News website referenced above.

      I have been interviewed by many newspapers, and NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN. I have supplied them with all the names of the individuals involved, etc. so they could fact-check what I wrote. I suggest that you go to the following sites to check out those parts of what I have written that the mainstream media has been able to put together reports on so far. I am so impressed with the reporters I�ve met; they are literally working around the clock to get to get up to speed.

      A story dense with facts and information about Sarah Palin's first 6
      months as Mayor can be found at:


      A more comprehensive look at her terms as Wasilla�s Mayor and her 20 months as governor can be found in a NY Times story that appeared 9/14/08, and can be accessed at the website below:


      About the library/censorship issue.

      Below is a link to a segment from Good Morning, America on 9/10/08, which covers the attempted library censorship and attempted firing of the librarian. It is 100% accurate to the best of my knowledge.


      Did the Mayor ask the
      Librarian about removing books from the Wasilla Public Library?
      Yes. I was a witness to one of the occasions on which Mayor Palin asked the Librarian about removing books from the collection. Stories in the Anchorage Daily News & Frontiersman newspapers report that Mayor Palin asked such a question. Snopes reports that the McCain campaign also acknowledges that she did this.

      Was there a list of books?
      Not as far as I know. I�ve always said I didn�t know of any, Gov Palin says there was no list, and the list in circulation looks bogus because some of the books on it weren�t even published at that time.

      Were any books removed?
      No. Not as far as I know. The City also says books were never censored. If you read carefully what I wrote, you will see that I said that she �attempted� to censor the books, not that she actually was able to.

      What does Palin say?
      Conflicting things. At the time that all this happened,
      Palin acknowledged to both of the local newspapers that she had asked the librarian about removing books from the library; she said that her questions were �rhetorical�. However, ABC News broadcast video of her telling Charles Gibson that all of this was an �old wives tale� and I have been told that she is telling people around Wasilla that this whole library story is B.S.

      What remains in dispute?
      Mayor Palin�s motives for discussing censorship of the library collection remain in dispute. She claims her questions were rhetorical. They sure didn�t sound rhetorical to me! I foresee no resolution to this aspect of the story.

      Palin�s approval rating
      Governor Palin is a very attractive, warm person, with lots of charisma. I think that her high approval ratings are because of that. On Sept 13, 2008, pro- and anti-Palin rallys were held in Anchorage and the anti-Palin rally was the larger; some say this is because there had
      been many pro-Palin rallys already.

      Trooper Wooten (Palin�s ex-brother-in-law) is not anyone�s idea of a model State Trooper, but I am of the opinion that everyone should be treated the same. I think it would be wrong for friends and relatives of the Governor to get special favors, OR be more severely punished.

      About aerial wolf-hunting in Alaska.
      The recent aerial wolf hunting issue was not about sport hunting. It was about whether or not only State Fish & Game employees would be allowed to shoot wolves from planes when there are emergencies and packs of wolves are attacking kids and pets. Sarah Palin�s position on this issue should not, in my opinion, be construed as lacking a proper �sporting� attitude. This was not a hunting issue; it was a prey management issue.

      Yes, you may forward my email to your friends. I would prefer if you didn't change it or edit it
      in any way.

      If you want something shorter, write your own white paper and put YOUR name on it.

      I remain very conflicted about giving permission to post my email on a website. I don�t have time to check out all the blogs and websites which have requested permission to post it. Yet, I don�t want to penalize the considerate and conscientious people who ASK when so many (800+ I�m told) have not. So, I am not going to give permission, but I am also not going to do anything if someone posts it without my permission, either.

      I hope that I have adequately answered your questions and been a help to you in deciding which ticket you want to vote for. In this imperfect world there are no perfect candidates--unless one wants to run for office oneself!

      I encourage you to get involved in the campaign of whichever candidate you support. The best decisions are made when people are informed and everyone participates.

      Sept. 15, 2008

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